A GUIDE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF MEDIUMSHIP by Harry Edwards. Mention the name of Harry Edwards and most people would immediately think of spiritual healing. There is no doubt that the late Harry Edwards was one of the worlds greatest healers. Over the years Harry Edwards treated thousands of patients, through public demonstrations, absent healing or by attending his centre at burrows Lea. The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary is still with us today under the direction of Ray and Joan Branch. But this was not the only side of Harry Edwards. He wrote a number of books that became best sellers and most of them are still in print today and are regarded by many as reference works on spiritual healing. Harry Edwards was also a committed Spiritualist, being a minister of the Spiritualists’ National Union. He was instrumental in the formation of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. Another facet of Harry Edwards was his knowledge of mediumship in all its forms, this can be seen from his two books, “The Mediumship of Jack Webber”. This is an account of direct voice medium Jack Webber. The other book “Life in Spirit” gives glimpses of life on the other side. But an interesting spin off from this book was the section that dealt with the question on how to develop mediumship. This section became a reference work in its own right. This is that work. Harry Edwards covers the whole range of mediumistic faculties, giving guidance and encouragement to those who wish to develop their mediumistic potential. Topics covered are trance, spirit guidance, attunement, clairvoyance, clairaudience, transfiguration, automatic writing, psychometry, early development and spiritual healing. This is the book for the person who has no knowledge of mediumship as well as those who have some knowledge of the subject. This is a down to earth easy to read guide on mediumship, written by a man who knew the subject.

A HEALERS PATHWAY” by Don Greenbank.  This site is dedicated to the memory of Don Greenbank – a great friend, physical medium & spirit healer. Without his help these pages would not exist.

  • ALL ABOUT MEDIUMSHIP by Ursula Roberts. A must for all who wish to know about mediumship. Ursula Roberts was a medium for many years, demonstrating not only throughout Great Britain and Europe but countries as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Egypt and Finland. In this long-awaited volume, Miss Roberts gives advice on how to develop various psychic gifts, including: Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Astral travel, Trance, Automatic writing, Psychic artistry, Healing, Direct Voice, Telepathy and Inspiration. Written in an easy-to-understand style, “All About Mediumship” is essential reading not only for those who wish to develop their gifts, but for all who want to know more about the spiritual side of life.
  • ANIMALS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD by Harold Sharp.  1966 / 48 pages.

    Harold Sharp, was one of Spiritualism’s most widely respected mediums, held in affection by many. A gentle soul, Harold both loved animals and had great admiration for them as is apparent from his charmingly written book “Animals in the Spirit World”. Harold takes the reader on a visit to two worlds…..this one and the next. He tells some astonishing stories, such as how a much missed pet monkey materialized at a séance. The medium in gentle style describes how other pet lovers have been reunited with animals such as horses and pet birds. More than that, he gives some enchanting descriptions of the spirit world and explains how animals – both wild and domestic – exist there. He writes “I look and pray for the day when pity, compassion and mercy are the guiding virtues of mankind. When hunting and trapping, and shooting and poisoning are but tales handed down from a barbaric age.” None who read this book will ever doubt that animals – like humans – survive the adventure called death and exist in a more glorious peaceful, harmonious realm.

  • A PAST LIFE REVEALED by MARY EVANS. Book about a family in England during the reign of Charles 1st and Cromwell

  • A STORY OF MOSES by Ursula Roberts. As told by Tek-Sek to Ursula. Ursula Roberts is known to numerous people as a medium of high integrity. Her talents have caused her to be invited to visit Psychic centres as far apart as Australia, Finland, New Zealand, and Canada, as well as European countries. Egypt and Israel welcomed her, and in Egypt she had the unusual experience of finding that a link had been created between herself and the spirit of a long-dead scribe called Tek-Sek. Amazingly, the spirit stated that he had lived at the same time as the biblical Moses, and even more surprisingly he had actually traveled with Moses in the wilderness. He died at the hands of the Israelites when they created the Golden Calf for worship, as mentioned in the biblical narrative. Ursula presents the story as it was given to her, and adds that she has not had any further contact with Tek-Sek since the time she clairvoyantly saw him with another figure which she took to be a representation of Moses, walking together away from her into the immense distances of eternity. A very moving story of what Moses life may really have been like.

  • BOOK OF BEYOND by Arthur Conan Doyle through Grace Cooke. BOOK OF BEYOND by Arthur Conan Doyle through Grace Cooke. Now the full story of the messages given by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, through Grace Cooke is presented with seventy pages of new material, including previously unseen photographs. A precise and full account of life after death is given in this unique and enthralling book which tells of the series of events that resulted in the formation of the White Eagle Lodge. The tale was first told in Thy Kingdom Come and then in The Return Of Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • DIARY OF A BLACKPOOL MEDIUM by Louise Johnson. 1999 / 64 pages 
    The author has always looked upon Spiritualism in its highest form as a science rather than a religion since it does not interfere with other religious beliefs and doctrines.
    Through her long life she has meet many famous mediums of the past Estele Roberts, Gordon Higginson, Hannen Swaffer, Harry Edwards, Maurice Barbanell to name a few. She has also been privileged to talk with Ivor Novello, Harry Lauder, Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill and has received writings from King George V1.

  • FACTS by Anthony Borgia.  1946 / 134 pages.

    The spirit scripts in the volume were received by Anthony Borgia after he established communication with a friend who, on earth, was a distinguished priest. “His passing,” says Mr Borgia, “has not meant the severance of that friendship, but its intensification….I fact, since he took up his residence in the spirit world, I have had many opportunities of meeting him, together with a goodly number of mutual friends, than would have ever been possible had he remained here upon earth.”

    “If the whole earth world were to become psychically developed in every branch of its exposition,” says the communicator, “the earth plane would become a very different place. First of all, think of the universal sorrowing that would vanish from the face of the earth…

    “Your friends & relations would be ever willing to join in your many activities, ready to support you in your difficulties with their greater & wider knowledge, & with the still greater & wider knowledge upon which they can draw from wise & experienced beings from the higher realms.

  • FOR THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO LISTEN – READ ON by RAYMOND SMITH. For those willing to Listen – read On by Raymond Smith / 1998 / 153 pages. 

  • GUARDIAN ANGELS AROUND MY BED by Sally Jane Danter.  If a prize were being given for one of the bravest Spiritualist mediums, the name of Sally Jane Danter would surely be near the top of the list. Why? Sally Jane is confined to a wheelchair and has undergone a staggering 24 operations, including major surgery, which meant she was encased in plaster for months. Far from wallowing in self pity, plucky, compassionate Sally Jane has given counsel and survival evidence to sitters all over the world, with face to face consultations as well as sittings which the medium supplies in writing. ‘Guardian Angels Around My Bed’ is Sally Jane’s autobiography. In her own words she tells exactly how her psychic gifts first manifested and introduces us to the friends, relatives and spirit guides who help her from the Higher Realms. ‘Guardian Angels Around My Bed’ is an uplifting, inspiring book which will give hope and help to all, explaining as it does along the way various forms of mediumship, such as rescue work. In short ‘Guardian Angels Around My Bed’ is a remarkable volume about a remarkable medium. Sadly Sally Jane passed over January 99. Her book will be a lasting tribute to one of the worlds greatest mediums that had gifts beyond her young years.

  • GUIDANCE OF SILVER BIRCH by Anne Dooley.  Not surprisingly, this book has just entered its fifth edition, Anne Dooley, a former Fleet St. reporter, worked closely with Maurice Barbanell as a member of the “Psychic News” team. This wide ranging book covers such points as “What is the Spirit?” “Healing and the life of force”, “Problems of communication” and “The problem of suffering.” The latest edition of this book has a specially designed cover.

  • HAFED – PRINCE OF PERSIA by Ronald Wright.

  • HEAVEN AND EARTH by Anthony Borgia.  1948 / 129 pages.

    “Heaven and Earth” is based on a series of scripts recorded by medium Anthony Borgia, who received them from a friend, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson. As well as giving insights on spirit-world life and conditions, Monsignor Benson comments on other important topics, such as beauty, service, religious unity and how to achieve world-wide peace. To quote from the book

    “The realms of light teem with colour…….The trees, the flowers, the grass, the very soil in which these grow and thrive, the water, whether it be of sea, river or lake, are revelations of colour in every shade, blend and tint.”

    “As the buildings are set amid beautiful gardens with a wealth of flowers and tress and lawns, the colour of the edifice must accord with its environment and not, by the power of its vividness, overwhelm the hues of nature itself.”

    “The water is wet and sparklingly clear, the light is bright and beautiful. The clothes we wear feel exquisite to touch”.

  • HERE AND HEREAFTER by Anthony Borgia. 1968 / 128 pages.

     Following the success of his two previous books “Life in the World Unseen” and “More about life in the World Unseen”, Anthony Borgia has produced this study of life after death, based on spirit communications received from the late Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson. In it he has been able to furnish information which answers many of the questions which readers all over the world raised as a result of his former books. The contents are subdivided into descriptions of the threshold between this life and the next, the spirit world and the spirit personality. Much detail is given of the perfection’s of the life after death, of the surroundings in which those who have crossed the threshold live, of their pursuits and activities, of their progress along the road to a higher perfection. Through the information imparted to him, the author is able to shed light on the means by which communication is possible between the inhabitants of the spirit worlds and their earthbound contacts. Thought-transference, thought-communication and thought-power play their vital role in constructing the fabric of the spirit world – a world of harmony, peace and order where fatigue is unknown. The author’s aim is “to cast out of people’s minds the fear of death and the hereafter” and all who believe in that life – as well as those still in doubt – will find this work a further source of immense interest, value and comfort.

  • I APPEAL UNTO CAESAR by Geraldine Cummins.  One of the greatest Automatic writers of our time and, as in the case of the other volumes of the Cleophas Scripts, this present book is claimed to have been dictated to Geraldine Cummins by “The Messenger of Cleophas”. It was written in my presence and the manner of writing was precisely the same as that which has been previously described. Chronologically, this book follows “The great days of Ephesus” and precedes “When Nero was Dictator”. For various reasons it has hitherto been withheld from the public. But since the publication of “The childhood of Jesus” and “The Manhood of Jesus”, it seems now to fall into place seeing that an account is given herein of the wanderings of the Mother of Jesus after the death of her son on the cross. In his forward Mr Lester refers to Professors W. M Ramsey’s “fascinating work, St. Paul the Traveler and the Roman Citizen.” I can assure readers that Miss Cummins has not read this book, nor has she ever visited south-eastern Europe. (E. B Gibbes)


  • LET UP YOU HEARTS – SILVER BIRCH by Tony Ortzen.  Some quotations from Silver Birch: YOU cannot dissect spirit in any laboratory. Neither can human beings create life. They cannot make a flea. However lowly the form of life, it cannot be manufactured by you because life is non-physical. The soul does not come into its own when the skies are blue, the sun is shining and you are in a bed of roses. The soul comes into its own in difficulty and hardship. The gold that you value reveals its lustre only after it has been crushed. The diamonds you prize are embedded in clay and dirt when originally found. Their brilliance emerges only after the process of polishing. So it is with spirit. It is only in the darkness that you will find the light. It is only in sorrow that you will find joy. It is only in pain that you will realize what health can bring. We are engaged in driving out the materialism that is the cancer of your world, the selfishness, the greed, cupidity, violence that are by-products of this materialism, so that people, the children of the Great Spirit, may find and fulfill themselves, and build a world of mutual co-operation where each strives to help the other and share the wondrous abundance that is offered to you physically, mentally and spiritually. Gradually the light drives out the darkness as knowledge replaces ignorance, and superstition has to retreat as truth advances. Spirit will triumph over matter because spirit is master and matter is servant. It is foolish to allow the servant to dominate the master.

  • LIFE IN SPIRIT by Harry Edwards.  1976 / 225 pages.

    This is the story of John and Mary – any John, any Mary, brother and sister, husband and wife, sweethearts, friends. This is the story of you and me, but with this difference: John and Mary have ‘died’ and have entered into their new ‘life in spirit’. Harry Edwards, known throughout the world as our foremost spiritual healer and the author of many books on healing, paused in his busy life to contemplate what the Spirit world might really be like. The result of these deliberations is all here in fascinating and intricate detail as he describes various facets of spirit life as he envisages it……its architecture and how things are constructed through the manipulation of spirit energies; ho time and change is measured in spirit life; how travel is accomplished and communication is established. There are vivid descriptions of the halls of learning, The Animal Kingdom, The Nurseries of Heaven and so on; and his account of a spirit concert as a galaxy of colour, light, movement and music has a breathless quality of beauty and inspiration. Needless to say, spiritual healing is well featured with scintillating observations upon the spirit science whereby healings are accomplished. The story of John and Mary might be considered by some as pure fantasy, but as Harry Edwards himself says in the book ‘I am my severest critic, for I readily acknowledge that there need not be any truth whatsoever in the story of John and Mary – it may all be nothing more than the product of my imagination’. How much of the narrative is his imagination is for the reader to assess; but as Edwards the Healer becomes Edwards the Visionary, giving full reign to an amalgam of a searching imagination coupled with such vividly descriptive writing in Spirit, which flowed freely, without a word of preliminary preparation, indicates that it could not be anything other than Spirit inspired. Perhaps this is not surprising, for it is not generally known that in addition to his healership, Harry Edwards was a medium of exceptional calibre and perception and in this book, he reveals the finer qualities of a rare mediumship which draws apart the veil of that great spiritual heritage which awaits us all.

  • LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN by Anthony Borgia.  “Life in the world unseen” gives one of the most comprehensive accounts of what follows physical death. Received through the clairaudient mediumship of Anthony Borgia, the communicator was an old friend, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, son of a former Bishop of Canterbury, In this absorbing volume, Monsignor Benson covers such subjects as Homes of Rest, Halls of Learning, spiritworld flowers and soil, recreation, the children’s sphere and occupations along with a host of other vital topics. comments from the book, “We have the most glorious flowers here”. “We have no traffic, and our roads are covered with the thickest and greenest of grass, as soft to the feet as a bed of fresh moss”. “We could see scores of the most wonderful birds, whose plumage presented a riot of colour”. “Stretching before us was the wide stream of a river, looking calm, peaceful and overwhelmingly lovely as the heavenly sun touched every tiny wave with a myriad tints and tones. occupying a central position in the view, and upon the right bank of the river, was a spacious terrace built to the water’s edge. It seemed to be composed of the most delicate alabaster. A broad flight of steps led to the most magnificent building that the mind could ever contemplate”.

  • LIGHT FROM SILVER BIRCH by Pam Riva.  Silver Birch, beginning his mission to bring awareness of spiritual truths from beyond to the troubled people of the earth, had many problems. His chosen medium was a young agnostic businessman. He would be required to give up his commercial career and devote his life to fulfilling the divine plan. Silver Birch had no earthly contacts. His knowledge of English was slight. Yet he found the means to control the young man’s vocal apparatus. A group of interested friends soon gathered, naming themselves the Hannen Swaffer Home Circle. Swaffer, the world’s most famous journalist, knew the superb quality teachings must be published. They soon made the spirit-world teacher hosts of friends throughout the globe. Mourners were comforted; the downcast and desperate were shown the way of truth. In this volume are gathered the final communications transmitted before the medium joined his beloved mentor in the larger life. Their mission had lasted for 61 years.

  • LIVING IN TWO WORLDS by Ursula Roberts.  This is a rather unusual account of a life story of a well known medium who describes herself as the symbol in the story written by Hans Anderson; the ugly duckling that turned into a swan. Ursula considers that she turned into a swan after receiving a mystical experience, which seemed to stimulate her latent mediumship to such an extent that she has literally lived with spirits, as well as the ordinary world of human beings. Her search for an understanding and renewal of that experience led her into the orthodox church, then to a yoga group, and finally into involvement with Spiritualism, where her outstanding talents as a healer, clairvoyant, trance speaker and inspired writer have made her known throughout the world. This book recounts some fascinating psychic happenings and reveals some of the complexities which arise in a medium’s life through contact with spirit entities. Those familiar with the teachings of her spirit control known as Ramadahn will be fascinated by the account of the manner in which he first made contact with his medium when she was living at Eastbourne, near a place called, rather aptly, Paradise. Her account of the gradual attainment of “The peace that passes understanding”, after many doubts and a lot of soul searching, should give encouragement to many people who are struggling to find peace in themselves.

  • MORE ABOUT LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN by Anthony Borgia.  1956 / 160 pages.
    The assertion that “dead men tell no tales” has long been proved untrue. Countless so-called dead men – with women & children too – have persistently shown themselves to be very much alive by returning to earth to say so. Most of them state the fact, so important both to themselves and to incarnate humanity, in terms that leave no doubt of their strong disapproval that they should be considered as anything but alive. Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury, is one of the many who have returned to earth to deny that they are dead. this being so, it is but natural that he should wish to give some account of the life that he and millions of others are living in the spirit world. In his previous volume, “Life in the world unseen”, Monsignor Benson gave an account of his “early days” in the spirit world. In this, his latest script, he carries on the story, and deals with other important and interesting features of spirit life. As in the previous book, Monsignor Benson has communicated with Anthony Borgia, who has all along acted as his “scribe”. Through other sources of communication he has not only been able to verify the substance and content of the scripts, but they have both enjoyed literally hundreds of forgatherings, where Monsignor Benson has brought with him a goodly company of spirit friends, who all express unqualified delight upon their ability to return to earth in such a natural and pleasant way, to perpetuate old friendships and to form new ones. to those who still wonder what kind and description is the “life to come”, and to those who already know a little and wish to know more, this book will prove of interest and value. What is most important, it should help to banish from people’s minds that dreadful heirloom, the fear of death.

  • MORE LIGHT by Anthony Borgia.  1947 / 131 pages.This medium received a series of scripts from Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury. These scripts take a theological theme, with special reference to the creeds and miracles. In “More Light,” Monsignor Benson takes a theological theme with especial reference to the creeds and some of the so-called miracles as narrated in the New Testament. “Death,” says the communicator, “is not a opponent or an enemy; it is a natural process, the operation of a natural law… “Orthodoxy is 2000 years behind the times. It has lived in its narrow, restricted little theological world of creeds and dogmas and doctrines, blindly leading the blind deeper and deeper into the morass of spiritual ignorance… “The physical body is the only part of man that is perishable. All the rest of him is imperishable. However low he may sink spiritually, yet he cannot perish.”

  • MORE PHILOSOPHY OF SILVER BIRCH by Tony Ortzen.  “We are warriors if necessary for war to be waged. After all, are we not engaged in one of the biggest of all wars? This is the war against ignorance, stupidity, selfishness, superstition, all the forces of darkness that resist the light. It is a war against oppression, cruelty, exploitation, needless suffering. This is a tremendous battle that has to be won.” “There has to be freedom of mind, body and spirit in your world. We are opposed to slavery whatever form it takes. Man must deliver himself from his own bondage. He must recognize that the spirit which animates him is the same one that gives life to every being and creature in your world. The power of the spirit girdles them all, brings them all together and makes them one in the sight of the Great Spirit responsible for their being.” “That is what is behind all the work you do, to bring awareness, of the realities of life. It will not be easily attained because these lessons are learned only through difficulty, crises, sickness, bereavement and the afflictions which make people despair, but are in reality the means by which they can find themselves.” “We say that you should have the confidence born of knowledge, that pessimism should never play a part in your earthly lives. You should always welcome the morrow as the harbinger of a wondrous adventure and possibility that it has for you. Your life should be exhilarating. Cast out fear. Fear is a product of ignorance and superstition. We are privileged to live in the sunlight of knowledge.” “You must live for the day, for the hour, for the minute, for the second. Have no anxiety for the morrow and do the best you can. The great spirit is aware of the fact that you are all very human beings and imperfect. That is why you are on earth. If you were perfect you would not be where you are now. The function of your earthly life is simply to eliminate the imperfections.”

  • MORE WISDOM OF RAMADAHN by Ursula Roberts.  Compiled by Lilian Litton. Many readers of the “Wisdom of Ramadahn” have requested another book of teachings, so it is with pleasure we now publish “More Wisdom of Ramadahn”. The words in this book were not written by Ursula Roberts. They were transcribed by Murial Hill, from the tape recorded lectures given by the spirit known as Ramadahn. After the lectures they were printed & circulated to a large number of studious readers, by a dedicated band of friends who for many years were associated with the mediumship of Ursula. At one time the lectures were published in a newspaper called the Spiritualist gazette, issued by the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. Lilian Litton has extracted from some of the lectures the questions asked by enquirers, together with the replies given by the spirit, as he spoke through his ‘sleeping medium’ who uttered his words in her entranced state.

  • NOBODY WANTS TO LISTEN – AND YET by Sir Oliver Lodge & transcribed by Raymond Smith.  Sir Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., D.Sc., L.L.D., M.A., famous scientist and psychical researcher, was born in 1851. Perhaps readers would best remember him for his invention of the spark plug used in the motor car. His research into the mysteries of electro-magnetic waves enabled him to be mainly responsible for what today we call radio. H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens, Albert Einstein and Frederick Myers were just a few of his very numerous friends. Apart from the fact that he became a fellow of the Royal Society in 1902, he was knighted in 1910, was President of both the Physical Society and the Society for Psychical Research, was principal of Birmingham University, and he held degrees from a dozen other British Universities, and those of Toronto and Adelaide. It is not surprising that he was voted one of the four best brains in Britain. Sir Oliver’s first encounter with the paranormal was during the time he was Professor of Physics at Liverpool University. He was asked to witness demonstrations of “thought transference” by girls in a Liverpool drapery store. His interest was aroused causing him to join the Society for Psychical Research. Here attended séances and met many new friends including Frederick Myers, Henry Sidgwick, Lord Rayleigh, Professor William Jones, William Crookes, Edmond Gurney and Alfred Lord Tennyson. In 1889 he was introduced to the American medium Mrs. Piper who was to give him much evidence of survival. Whilst Principal at Birmingham University he had proof of survival of his friend Myers. This was brought about by experiments with mediums living in different countries. The experiment is today known as the “Cross-Correspondences”. A sportsman, family man, scientist and humanitarian, Oliver Lodge wrote many books, about 140 in all, and tried to reconcile the ideas of both science and religion. In “My Philosophy” (1933) he showed that the term “ether” does indeed cover the regions of both science and religion. He published – for he was prepared to jeopardize his reputation for what he felt was the most important quality of all – Truth. Realizing that materialism, jealousy, greed and war still prevail, he has now taken the opportunity to express this truth via the medium of this book. “Nobody wants to listen – And yet!” And yet, he has promised to write further books should he be proved wrong and find that there are some who do want to listen.

  • ON THE EDGE OF THE ETHERIC by Arthur Findlay.  1931 / 209 pages.

    Is the spirit world real and tangible? Do its inhabitants retain their individuality? Is it true that spirit people eat? What is the afterlife like? Do dogs, cats and other animals survive physical death? What kind of houses do the so called dead live in? All these questions and more, many more are answered simply and frankly in Arthur Findlay’s “On the edge of the etheric”. First published in 1931, it has lost none of its import or value. Indeed “Psychic News” termed it “the most important book in all the literature of Spiritualism.” Meanwhile, adverts for it were refused by the “Church Times” and the Church of Scotland publication “Life and Work”. Since it first appeared, “On the Edge of the Etheric,” has run to almost 70 editions: Mr Findlay, one of modern Spiritualism’s most scholarly and esteemed writers bases this book upon the superb mediumship of John Sloan. He attended his first sitting feeling “decidedly suspicious, ” of different tone and accent, they gave their names, their correct earth addresses, spoke to the right people, who recognized them, and referred to intimate family matters. Never once was a mistake made.” Subtitled “survival after death scientifically explained,” this volume supplies the key to the mystery of what awaits all after physical death.

  • ON THE SIDE OF ANGELS Gordon Higginson by Jean Bassett.  Gordon Higginson’s birth was ordained – by the spirit world. Now none would dispute that he is Britain’s best-known medium whilst he was alive, one whose gifts include not only trance and clairvoyance, but the dramatic faculty of materialization where the so-called dead literally appear in the séance room to be reunited with loved ones. Past President of the Spiritualists’ National Union for over 20 years, countless hundreds of thousands across the United Kingdom have marvelled at his brilliant clairvoyance not only in Spiritualist churches, but in halls and theatres, including London’s famous Royal Albert Hall. “On the side of Angels” is not only a thrilling biography, detailing Gordon’s action-filled life, but takes an inside look at one of the greatest ever Spiritualist mediums. Gordon gives his views on a range of topics, telling of some of the compelling evidence he has received from the dead. It is the unique story of an equally unique man, one whose life bridges two worlds – this one and the next.

  • PHILOSOPHY OF SILVER BIRCH by Stella Storm.  If the power of the spirit could fail, the earth would cease to spin on its axis & the seasons no longer follow one another in orderly sequence. If the power of spirit could fail, the sun would cease to be a fiery orb & the moon fail to reflect its illumination. If the power of the spirit could fail, no seed would flower, no fruit would grow. It is this latent spirit within man that we seek to coax into higher expression & by so doing enjoy the boundless beauties, the riches, lustre, dignity, grandeur & nobility that are the expressions of a divine spirit. With the realization of these possessions, man can uplift himself, sever some of the shackles that bind him to earth & enjoy the rich heritage of his unexplored mind & spirit. By this means he opens himself to inspiration, wisdom, revelation & truth, which are already streaming in increasing measure as man fits himself to be the recipients of this bounty from a larger life. We are, all of us, seen & unseen, wherever we may dwell, included in a vast spiritual family, with the Great Spirit as our Father & each of us as his children. The tie of the divine spirit binds us all together & makes us one. Thus we feel we are richly blessed because so many of the barriers between the two states have been overcome. There is, as a result, a procession of enlightened beings who are able to make their beneficent impact on so many in the world of matter today.
  • “POSITIVE FORCES” by Doris Collins.  
  • Radiant Friends Beside Me – Kevin McGrath – Kevin’s book is a compelling account of many unforgettable life experiences and healings, a remarkable spiritual development, and the enthralling but authentic supernatural case histories of Kevin McGrath, a unique medium and healer of his time.A few words from people that have been helped by Kevin:“Kevin McGrath is one of the finest, multi-gifted, psychic channels in service today. His wonderful book Radiant Friends Beside Me must not be missed”.  Alice Timpson  –  Manchester, England.“I could not put this book down!”.  Evelyn Delahaye  –  Australia.“I found Kevin McGrath to be a highly gifted spiritual servant. He truly has a  remarkable story to tell”.  J.W. Shaw, professor of psychology  –  Columbia Pacific University,  San Rafael, California, USA.“Kevin McGrath is regarded by the mainstream psychic and spiritual movements as the leading and most effective soul rescue medium in the UK. His superb book Radiant Friends Beside Me is crammed with exciting case histories of hauntings and exorcisms. Many astonishing healing successes, contact and distant, are also featured in this riveting book”. Gary Barnes, graphic artist  – Runcorn, Cheshire.“Radiant Friends Beside Me, now regarded as a “classic”, is a brilliant book to read in all respects and is strongly recommended”.  E. D. Jones, author and writer  –  Cheshire, England.
  • READ HOW WE DIED by Andrea Grieveson.   One of the greatest mysteries in life is death – yet we all must experience it. Through the automatic writing of sensitive Andrea Grieveson, 29 people have written their own personal experiences. Ordinary people have put in great efforts of concentration in order to contact you and to tell their own individual stories of before, during, and after the moment we call death. Read for yourself just what happened to them – before and after that moment we call dea
  • This is the first chapter from Kevin’s book. CHAPTER ONE My spiritual mission began with a most interesting family tree of continental origin. The varied roots were established through my mother Catherine Soderberg, the daughter of a Swedish national father, and an Irish mother, who was of part Norwegian, French and Irish descent, whose surnames were Buenberg, Laurent, and Cavanagh respectively. Both her parents were of the Roman Catholic faith and lived in Liverpool .Her father, by all accounts, was a quiet, studious, intelligent man who was initially employed as a ship’s carpenter and latterly owned a prosperous tobacco business. My grandmother was employed part-time by relatives working in their hostel which accommodated foreign seamen.My grandmother also happened to have strong Irish Catholic sympathies. This I gathered from my mother, who remembered her waiting at the roadside for the annual Orange Day Parade and gleefully without warning, hurling the Irish tricolour into the march, causing a near riot.Sadly, my grandmother died at the age of forty from a brain haemorrhage; my grandfather passing on not too long afterwards with pneumonia. My mother was then housed with relatives in Liverpool and eventually met my father whilst on a visit to Warrington . They were married in Warrington on her 21st birthday.My parents moved house several times in the early years of their marriage, before finally settling into a new council house on Dallam Estate on the outskirts of Warrington , a medium sized town situated between Manchester and Liverpool . Mother, unfortunately, lost her first child Monica, aged two, through gastro-enteritis, before my brother Philip was born seven years later.My father, also christened Philip, was born in Warrington , the son of two Irish parents, both Roman Catholics. Having trained and worked as a rigger in his early years, he subsequently served with the RAF during the second world war. His five campaign medals are presently placed with pride on my hall wall. My father eventually secured regular employment with the local council as a labourer on the highways, and my parents moved into an old dilapidated terraced house near the centre of Warrington , number 13, Elizabeth Street .The earth entrance for my spiritual task took place with my birth, on the 1st August 1946 at 8.00 am , in Warrington General Hospital . This incarnation was at a time of my choosing with the direction of my soul group and three members of this spirit intelligentsia assigned to be my spiritual guides. The Irish midwife at the time of my birth suggested I should be called Kevin after one of the early Irish saints. This was the beginning of my chosen spiritual and psychic task.The Winter following my birth was very harsh indeed, actually one of the severest recorded this century, not very suitable for myself, a Leo subject who is astrologically ruled by the sun, needing warmth. I feel sure that, as an infant, I would have felt very cold throughout the 1946/47 Winter from the beginning of this earth life.Before I reached my first birthday, I suffered an umbilical hernia, and was rushed to hospital for my first successful operation. At the age of three, it was noticed that I was suffering from severe stomach pains. My mother immediately called in the doctor when I became seriously ill. Peritonitis was subsequently diagnosed; I was again rushed into hospital and quickly lapsed into a coma. The priest was brought in and the last rites were administered.As it happened, on this particular day, there was another boy who had been admitted to the ward with the same condition. The doctor said a new drug had been given to him and, as it had worked positively, he was hopeful that it might work for me, and he would like to try it. I was sinking fast, but its usage proved successful and I recovered very quickly. I am now aware that near death experiences, although traumatic, usually open up the psychic senses. This traumatic episode was part of God’s plan for my future tasks.I was five when my sister Angela, the apple of my Father’s eye, was born. He had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a girl since my sister Monica had previously died due to illness.I vividly remember the house on the Dallam Council estate where my parents had finally settled. It was very spartan and cold. There were neither carpets nor wallpaper. In the bedroom where I slept, it was very damp. I was always very chesty as a child, suffering from bouts of chronic bronchitis.As I was maturing, I felt a great affinity to bees, plants insects, birds, and to cats in particular although I was very wary of dogs. I loved them but I kept my distance. When I was six years old, a large black dog, a crossbreed, leapt on me from a nearby garden and bit my leg quite badly. The estate had many such fierce, uncontrolled strays. I never approached them until I knew that they were friendly. I possessed an in-built sensitivity which told me which dogs fell into this category.As a young boy in my sixth year, I remember walking through the nearby meadows, inquisitively looking around, and exploring the area by the canal. I remember my father arriving on his bicycle accompanied by our little mongrel dog Rex, a very loyal animal, despite being kept in a shoddy little kennel and never being allowed indoors, which I found unreasonable. After a severe telling off for wandering near the canal, my father produced a leather belt with a massive buckle and periodically thrashed me with it whilst hurrying me on the way home. I remember ducking, to avoid contact, but the blows still bounced painfully off my head. The punishment was an unforgettable experience – I knew that I didn’t deserve this kind of treatment.When I spoke of this incident recently with my mother, she swore that my father had never physically harmed her, and she will insist on dismissing the physical abuse I suffered as a trivial matter. In reality, the only action required at the time was to take me to one side and explain to me the possible dangers that the local canal presented. I did not need to be physically assaulted, but he could not see it any other way. I felt very angry about this episode and probably felt resentful towards my father for a very long time afterwards.During my early childhood, I recall brief moments of inner satisfaction which the insects and birds provided. I was most happy when a butterfly chose to land on me or especially when a songbird would stay put as I approached it, letting me listen to its beautiful warbling. I also felt a sense of comfort when I was surrounded by large trees whilst walking through the nearby woods. I decided that I owned all the beautiful garden spiders in our rear garden, named them accordingly, and spoke to each one in turn as they settled in their webs.The following year a pair of brown mice chose the bottom of our yard for residence. I was thrilled on discovering their choice of our house, and for the best part of a week was most excited, constantly lifting the mound and watching the resultant offspring. My joy quickly turned to sadness when I arrived home at the end of the week. My mother dispassionately informed me that she had discovered the nest and had asked my father to lift the mice out and destroy them. I was heartbroken, and to make matters worse, they could not understand why the destruction of vermin should cause me so much concern. I felt the mice had done no wrong at all, being so cute and harmless; my parents felt otherwise.Later in the Summer a wasps’ nest was discovered in the rear garden on the bank of a privet hedge. They happily swarmed in and out of their ‘des res’ throughout the day. I enjoyed watching them immensely, then … ‘ALARM’ – my mother, on finding it, decided to pour bleach down their little home. In a state of panic and to prove they would not harm anyone, I lay head first at the mouth of the nest entrance for a full hour. They poured out during this time in a regular stream, walked on my face and did not sting me once. My mother relented. ‘I HAD SAVED THEM!!!’ I then thanked the wasps for acceding to my request to be on their best behaviour.The material world was very much a reality and it was thought by my parents that I was too attentive to vermin, because I did my very best to save slugs as well as wasps and mice. My mother would insist on pouring salt over them, but to me, they were living things; to everybody else they seemed repulsive. Of course they can pose a problem, but still I felt that they too were part of God’s creation and deserved the right to live. After all they had not asked to be born.

    Leo’s do not take kindly to being rejected. A very early experience was ingrained on my memory during the annual Walking Day festivities when the local population, children and adults alike, would walk through the town with their church banners. By this time I was eight and this was my first walk dressed up in all my finery, taking part with the Sacred Heart primary school.

    The accepted tradition was for relatives and neighbours to run out from the roadside to place money into the children’s purses whilst they walked. Every other child in my procession had their purses filled with coins, but mine was empty. I felt so dejected and actually knocked on a few neighbours’ doors, cheekily asking for a few coins. It was a sad experience.

    My mother never possessed much money. My father’s wages were in the lowest rate band possible and she made all of our clothes whilst we were youngsters. During my eighth year, my mother took Philip and I to relatives who lived on the Wirral coast. She showed us how to collect cockles and mussels and also took us on a bus journey to Fleetwood to find and pester the trawler men for crabs, which she later put into her shopping bag to take home.

    One day a large half-dead crab escaped whilst travelling back home on the bus, crawled onto a man’s hat in the next seat and camped there. He was not aware, being asleep at the time. The whole bus rocked with laughter. She quickly recovered it and placed it back in her bag. It was bound for the pot. Poor creature. I had no say in the matter.

    In order to help out with the household budget, my father kept chickens in the rear garden. My mother and father would insist on dispatching me to the houses in the neighbourhood to collect potato peelings which had been left for refuse. These would then be cooked and mashed for chicken feed. I felt rather humiliated when approaching neighbours and asking for their garbage, but I was forced to carry out this chore under the threat of a clout if I refused.

    I remember one particular house I visited where one of the sons never lost an opportunity to denigrate and ridicule me. I reminded him one day that his father was a dustbin man and was collecting people’s potato peelings on a daily basis. He never taunted me again. The message I had delivered proved to be a most effective deterrent.

    During this year in January my mother had to enter hospital for a prolapsed womb operation. She was expected to be absent for two weeks. Towards the end of the fortnight, one evening after dinner was finished, I was peering out of the living room window eagerly awaiting her return when she suddenly appeared at the front gate with a neighbour carrying her suitcase. My heart leapt with delight. I loved her so much. My feeling of relief at being close to her once again was indescribable, an uplifting experience, unhappily not too often repeated in the early stages of my childhood.

    In the depths of the 1954 Winter, I had my first out-of-body experience. Being a typical ‘scallywag’ I was scooting around the school yard sliding on the ice at full speed. Suddenly I lost balance, hurtled into a brick wall and fell heavily, banging my head on the ground in the process. The next instant I was rising above my body and watching the other children gathered around, trying to awaken my physical shell.

    I recall the incident with mixed feelings – being at the same time startled and frightened – but also strangely exhilarated and excited. I must have been hovering about twenty feet above in the air, but as soon as I started thinking about my body, I felt myself rocketing back into it and recovered consciousness to find two pals busily slapping my face. The eventual price for my adventure was a throbbing headache that lasted for the rest of the day.

    At the time I didn’t realise that I was experiencing an out-of-body experience and my schoolmates could not understand my later description of this little journey. I was so full of mischief at this primary school stage. It amazed me how I managed to assimilate or digest any educational information at all.

    I took my 11+ examination at nine because of the way my birthday fell during the Summer. I passed with a high mark and entered the Grammar School at ten years of age. It was then decided that I should go to a Catholic grammar school but unfortunately, we lived approximately twelve miles away and my mother couldn’t really afford the bus fare, so the education department agreed that I could be placed at the Thomas Boteler Grammar School, where I had heard that Catholics whilst not entirely welcomed with open arms, were tolerated. It was a Church of England school.

    My ninth year was coming to a close and I remembered at the time the constant coldness of our house. My brother and I slept together in one single bed. He was placed at the top with myself at the bottom, with a large khaki ex-army overcoat covering the two of us. My brother being the stronger, chose the shoulder end and I was left with the cooler bottom end. We slept in a fashion with his feet stuck in my face through the duration of the night and they didn’t smell very sweet either, but the coat was reasonably warm.

    My mother never thought that hankies were a necessity because I was forever wiping my nose on the sleeve of my coat. The shiny reflection was a fixture. Both my shoes usually had holes in them with three or four layers of cardboard packed inside which never lasted very long. Sometimes my feet were left bleeding for hours because I frequently used to walk to school, a distance of two or three miles, and kept the two pence which my mother gave me for the bus fare. It was saved to buy sherbets which were regarded as treats. As I didn’t have any pocket money, my greatest enjoyment was roaming the countryside, which fortunately, was free.

    At this time paranormal activity was increasing at home, phantom footsteps, frequent voices, knocks, strong fragrances and objects mysteriously going missing and reappearing. These things went on continually and my mother became quite used to it; she accepted it knowing the source was surrounding my father who was a natural psychic.

    It was at this time in my ninth year that I began to see colours around people, which were obviously their auras, a discovery which I found most intriguing. I also felt a reassuring warmth at times when I felt very lonely and sad. It was later that I realised that my early brush with death at the age of three had opened up my psychic centres, and this was enabling me to read the auras that surround all living creations, and also to be sensitive to the spirit world.

    During this year in the Summer holidays, I underwent a quite eventful spiritual experience. This was the occasion when I was taken with my family down to my Aunt Ella’s house in St. Albans , Hertfordshire. I remember at that time it was a welcome trip and a very nice place. I settled down quickly but, unfortunately, it wasn’t long before I started receiving previously undisclosed information about my Aunt Ella.

    There were rooms in the house which were always locked. One morning I happened to close my eyes and immediately saw several bottles of sherry conveniently hidden in the drawers and cupboards. I mentioned this to my mother and never thought any more about it. The next day I asked Aunty Ella, “Why do you keep all those sherry bottles in the cupboards?” My aunt gave me a long, strange look. Into the third day of the holiday she turned around to my mother and said, “Well, I think it is time that Kevin went home. I think it is best for him and me. I just feel uncomfortable with him here.” I protested but was soon dispatched back to Warrington by bus, which turned out to be a very long journey.

    Afterwards, when my mother returned home, she told me that Aunt Ella had informed her that she had always thought I was rather strange. She also confessed to my mother that she was drinking heavily and was secreting the bottles of sherry around the bedrooms, which I had clairvoyantly seen. I later learned that she was drinking to ease her suffering, brought on by the harsh treatment she received from my uncle. That was possibly the first time where my clairvoyant psychic senses were opened up – maybe uncontrolled, but it was obvious to me that I knew things that I wouldn’t have known. With hindsight, if I had been a little more mature, I would have kept quiet, but at that age, I didn’t know any different and was oblivious to the gravity of the situation.

    Now into the third year at primary school, it was always the ultimate challenge for the boys to climb to the top of the church tower from the inside shaft which had steel rungs spaced every 46cm. The entrance to the church was conveniently attached to the school. On impulse, I finally decided to meet the challenge.

    One lunch time, I sneaked into church and found the door to this particular area from where I could climb the tower. I decided to acquire some of the candles that were placed by the statue of Our Lady to enable me to light my way, once I was inside the base of the shaft. I could then safely negotiate my way to the top of the shaft, which I had to climb to reach the base of the spire. Finally I made my successful ascent, discovering that the view into the road below was quite magnificent. Little did I know that across the main road from the church, the office staff from the Crossfields soap company were looking out from their windows, watching me hanging in and out from the pillars of the base of the church spire. They immediately contacted the Fire Brigade and the police.

    The headmaster, Mr Donlevy, was alerted. The next thing I remember was his bellowing from down below for me to come down. I complied with his request as quickly as I could. On touching ‘terra firma’ I remarked to him “It was quite a climb sir.” The headmaster did not look very pleased. His eyes spelled inevitable punishment for me. I was then dragged off to his rooms and given a good thrashing with a cane. What left a deep impression on me was the fact that I was given the thrashing, not for all the chaos I had caused, but mainly for stealing the candles from the base of Our Lady’s statue. I considered this illogical chastisement to be a typical reaction from a Roman Catholic headmaster upholding traditional beliefs; my sin was great! I have since apologised to the Heavenly Father for this incident. I feel sure that he has forgiven me, as I only stole two candles.

    During the last Summer holiday before I started at the Grammar School, myself and some other rascals were drawn to the irresistible playground which was the American tip belonging to Burtonwood Army Base, just a couple of miles away from my house. To reach this particular dump one had to negotiate many obstacles, iron railings, a railway embankment, railway lines, a bridge, and a wide fast flowing brook (over which was a large cast iron services pipe, covered with long spikes).

    I used to run across this, with total disregard to the dangers involved. A field full of cow pats presented the final obstacle before reaching the tip itself.

    It was a wonderful feeling moving and rooting amongst all the militaria and discarded uniforms. I carefully chose one and by the time I made my way back to the estate, following the other kids. I was transformed into an officer, wearing an oversized American Captain’s uniform, gleaming with insignia. The trouser legs, which I had hitched up, were trailing around my feet nearly tripping me up, but I felt triumphant, an emotion that soon evaporated when I reached home, because the smell of the tip was a dead give-away.

    My father’s reaction was to give me a good belting. He was a big man, 190cm tall, and weighing 100 kilos and he didn’t think twice about using his hands. Psychic abilities he undoubtedly possessed, but as far as sensitivity to my pain was concerned, he didn’t seem to be aware of it, or at least never showed it.

    The local canal was also a great attraction in which I used to swim, naked. It was free to use and this fact also appealed strongly to all the kids. It really was a dangerous and diseased place to swim, where we actually courted death, as people were strongly suspected of using it to dispose of their dead pets. In reality, the canal waters were filthy, but I loved the swimming and diving. Having no pocket money I could not go to the local swimming baths. Unfortunately, the canal smell used to linger quite strongly and I also got a good hiding for that on reaching home.

    One Saturday morning during the school holidays Michael Littler, one of my pals, called at my house to help me clear out the chicken coop and also to conveniently help himself to some produce from the large blackcurrant and loganberry bushes at the bottom of our garden.

    We finished the chores quite quickly and were seated having a welcome drink of milk in the kitchen. My mother returned home from the butcher’s stall and carefully placed a large sixpenny bag of bulls-eyes on the table. She had purchased them for the purpose of cooking and pressing, which she expertly carried out with the aid of two tin plates and a large flat iron. The end product provided the family with an abundant stream of sandwiches which I personally didn’t relish, but, nonetheless, ‘beggars could not be choosers’ when it came to mealtimes.

    My mother briefly spoke to us and went into the hall to hang up her coat. Michael, unfortunately, could not resist peeking into the bag which resulted in him clumsily dragging it off the table and scattering the eyes all over the kitchen floor. It was an eerie sight as some of them appeared to be staring directly towards us. Michael’s face drained and he left quickly through the back door.

    I recall shouting to him quite angrily with an air of resignation, “Mike, you rotten swine, don’t leave me. You know I will have to face the music!” whereupon my mother returned, saw the mess and was most displeased. “Pick them all up before they dry and be quick”, she remarked. It was a most unpleasant task. She cooked them that night. Michael made himself very scarce for a few months – we were never quite as friendly again and I still had to eat some of the finished product over the following week.

  • SILVER BIRCH COMPANION by Tony Ortzen.  “Take advantage of the summer, when tree and flower, mountain and sea, bird and beast, field and river and stream reveal themselves in all their beauty. Praise the great spirit, who has brought you such an infinite variety of his artistry as displayed in nature’s handiwork. Seek communion with those forces; strive to find the Great Spirit as He is expressed in the silence of the forest, in the lulling of the wind, in the trilling of the bird, in the nodding pine, in the ebb and flow of the ocean, in the perfume and scent of the flower, in the drone of the insect.” “The pageant of nature is duplicated in every human soul. First there is the spring, with the awakening consciousness; the summer, when man’s powers rise to their highest; autumn, when life begins to wane; and winter, when sleep comes to the weary, tired soul. But even after the winter of the physical life, spring comes to the spirit as it awakens in another world to continue that eternal cycle. Take from nature this message, and be assured that the laws which have never failed will continue to operate in your case and in the case of every human life.” “We ask for no credit, no thanks, no gratitude. If we can see peace instead of war; smiling, happy faces instead of tears; healthy bodies instead of bodies racked with disease and pain; if we can see misery vanquished; if we can see all the despair that infests dispirited beings driven away, then we rejoice because we know that our mission is succeeding.” “truth marches forward; the forces that belong to darkness, ignorance, superstition and confusion are in retreat. Victory is on the side of the power of the spirit as its forces gather strength, breaking through in places hitherto considered impossible. That is the great message we repeat and repeat, for you are all labouring for this new order of being. The transformation takes place now very slowly. As the old gives place to the new, many upheavals will occur. They are all part of the plan.”

  • SHOEBOX TO SILVER SHOE by Stephen D. Smith.  

    Forward from the book
    I dedicate this book to all humanity. 
    I sincerely hope this book has given a little more understanding to you all. No matter what your life journey, and what path of destiny we decide to take, with all the trials and tribulations along the way, we may succeed with love and understanding, without malice and bitterness. “Shoebox to Silver Shoes” was meant to be written and I wanted to open up all the corners of my heart with the truth for all to share, and to show that for all the pains and sorrows you can succeed and remain eternally close to the higher life — the universal love that is the very essence of our spirit. Whatever damnation or pain enters your life it is imperative you conquer with love and acceptance, and try always to have compassion for your fellow man. It was upsetting for me to reflect back upon my life, especially my so-called “childhood”.  But I now accept and understand I had to endure all these experiences for the moulding of the woman and the Medium I am today.  You can’t possibly comfort others if you haven’t felt the heartache within yourself.  This bonds the empathy between one soul and another. I hope “Shoebox to Silver Shoes” will bring the fulfillment and understanding to you all, and bring you serenity, solace and peace no matter what you endure. Some secrets will have to remain close in my heart and die with me as they are too painful to re-awaken.  However my dear friends, I wish you all peace and contentment and may blessings go with you on your life’s journey. I would particularly like to thank my friend Stephen Smith without whose efforts, hard work, and understanding and kindness this book would not have been written. May God bless you all always. Trisha. In The Beginning. The knocking on the convent door could barely be heard; possibly it was the hesitance or even the reluctance of the visitor, but it was some time before a nun recognized the tap-tap-tapping on the huge oak door. The sound of creaking drowned the final encounter between human form and wooden panels, but as the mighty prison-like door gathered the momentum to let the bright sunshine into the grey yard, the visitor had gone; all that was left to evidence the intrusion was a new shoe-box placed precariously on the third step from the pavement.  But for a word scrawled untidily on the top and sides of the container in fierce red ink, the nun may not have noticed the mysterious object. Quite what she thought when she read the word ‘freak’ emblazoned on the cover, or more importantly saw what was within, we will never know.  Perhaps it is best that we do not.

  • TEACHINGS OF SILVER BIRCH by A.W. Austen.  “What a glorious message we have for your world of matter – a message that makes men free and teaches them to rejoice in their divine heritage; a message that teaches them to throw off all shackles and bonds; a message that teaches them to rejoice in the fullness of spiritual knowledge; a message that shows them how to live not only on the planes of matter, but on the planes of spirit; a message that brings them beauty, love and wisdom, understanding, truth and happiness; a message that speaks of service, service, service.” “Your world is in beauty now. You see all around you the manifestations of the great spirit, as the dawn of life sweeps over your surroundings again in its cycle, and you marvel at the beauty of the blossom and the fragrance of the flowers, and you say, ‘How great is the handiwork of the Great Spirit’.” “And yet, that which you see is but a very, very pale reflection of the beauties that we have in our world of spirit. We have flowers such as you have never seen, we have colours such as your eye has never beheld, we have scenes and forests, we have birds and plants, we have streams and mountains. You have nothing to compare them with. And you will be able to enjoy them, for, even though you will be ghosts, you will be real ones.” “Your world of matter is so slow and thick. It is so ponderous and heavy that the inspiration is lost in transmission, in the endeavor to slow down the higher and more subtle vibrations of spirit. Yours is a dark, clammy world compared with the world of light where I live.” “You have not seen the sun in full radiance of its dazzling splendour. You have seen but the pale imitation. Just as the moon reflects the shadow of the sun, so the sun that you behold is but a pale reflection of our sun. When I come to your world I am like a bird that is imprisoned within a cage, and when I leave it I am like a bird joyfully released to wing its way through boundless space. What you call death is the opening of the cage and the release of the bird from its prison.”

  • THE HISTORY OF SPIRITUALISM – VOL.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  1 / 1926 / 342 pages.  Mention the name of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and most people immediately think of Sherlock Holmes and the exciting mysteries he solved. Even today, decades after the stories were written, they still enjoy worldwide popularity. Sir Arthur possessed a brilliant deductive mind, one that was razor sharp with insight. It was these same qualities Sir Arthur used in probing Spiritualism and mediumship. And after a thorough investigation he publicly proclaimed himself a Spiritualist time after time. “The History of Spiritualism” is a truly astonishing book, as fresh now as when it was first written. Doyle begins by featuring visionary Emanuel Swedenborg, telling, for example, how the seer observed and reported on a fire in Stockholm 300 miles away with perfect accuracy, even though “he was attending a dinner party with 16 guests, who made valuable witnesses.” Amongst others Sir Arthur features is Andrew Jackson Davis, the American clairvoyant who whilst in trance spoke Hebrew, a language that as an “ignorant young man”, he simply did not know. Moreover Sir Arthur documents the advent of modern Spiritualism from its beginnings in America to its dawning in Britain. Mediums he highlights include D.D. Home, who demonstrated his superb psychic gifts to European and Russian Royalty. Sir Arthur tells how home, “a poor man and an invalid,” rejected the then princely sum of $4,000 for a single séance. “I have been sent on a mission,” said Home. “I have never taken money for it, and I never will.” Of course, no investigation of Spiritualism would be complete without mentioning scientific pioneers like Sir William Crookes. Sir Arthur describes the thrilling materialization séances Sir William attended with Florence Cook. In short, “The History of Spiritualism” is a classic, an easy to read, packed with detail volume that Sherlock Holmes would undoubtedly have read – had he been a real person.

  • THE HISTORY OF SPIRITUALISM – VOL 2.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Few books are more important in the annals of psychic literature than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brilliant and ever-readable “The History of Spiritualism”. In this, the second volume, Sir Arthur begins by featuring Neapolitan-born medium Eusapia Palladino, who at times could be “impetuous and wayward.” But in her presence, various manifestations occurred, including “the movement of objects without contact’ the levitation of a table and other objects, the levitation of the medium, the appearance of materialized hands and faces, lights and playing of musical instruments without human contact.” Another superb medium who comes under Sir Arthur’s eagle eye is William Eglington. Born in Islington, North London, after a brief period at School young William entered the printing and publishing business. The “dreamy and sensitive” boy at first showed no indication of possessing psychic faculties. However, when aged 17, William entered the family circle…..and at his first visit “the table rose steadily from the floor until the sitters had to stand to keep their hands on it.” The next night William became spontaneously entranced, “and evidential communications from his dead mother were received.” Sir Arthur – the creator of Sherlock Holmes – tells of one thrilling séance where “a form materialized and passed around the room shaking hands.” A sitter testified that the figure “was that of a man taller by several inches and older than the medium. He was appareled in a white, flowing robe, and was full of life and animation, and at one time was fully 10 feet away from the medium.” No investigation of Spiritualist history would be complete without mentioning the Rev W. Stainton Moses. In his presence, “heavy tables rose in the air, books and letters were brought from one room into another.” Through the cleric’s automatic writing came some of the finest-ever spirit teachings. Sir Arthur also thoroughly documents the foundation of the Society for Psychical Research before turning to other subjects such as ectoplasm, sprit photography and voice mediumship.

  • THE CURSE OF IGNORANCE – VOL 1.  by Arthur Findlay. 1947 / 1166 pages.
    From the time Arthur Findlay commenced to write the first chapter of this book to the passing of the last page of the Second Volume, seven years elapsed, during which time he devoted six hours a day, every day of the week, to its production. No trouble was spared to make this history accurate, interesting and perfect in every possible way. It was indeed a labour of love, and the time and cost involved was for one reason only: to help to advance knowledge, to increase wisdom and to improve conduct everywhere throughout the world. The troubles which have beset mankind, in the past and present, have mostly come from ignorance of how best to live so as to create the prosperity and happiness all desire. The past follies and achievements of the race will be found recorded in the pages of this book, and if these are remembered, they will act as a guide and signpost to present and future generations showing the right way to think and live. Therein lies the value of history as recorded from this wider angle of thought, and, if everyone, everywhere, would learn the lesson these pages have to teach, war, suffering, poverty and human misery would cease. This volume starts from the time of primitive man to the Reformation. Covering the oldest civilizations, Hebrew, Greek, Roman, Moslem, Chinese and Christian.

  • THE CURSE OF IGNORANCE – VOL 2.  by Arthur Findlay.  1937 / 1152 pages.
    Only after the two volumes of ‘The Curse of Ignorance’ have been read, and pondered over, will the reader realize the revolution in thought this work may someday bring about. It is certainly history written with a purpose. History, in some respects, has not been accurately recorded because of prejudice and ignorance. Religion was the cause of half the events of history, and, because the origin of the numerous world religions was not known, historians have misrepresented or ignored events they were able to understand. Religious prejudice has, moreover, falsified history and represented the Christian era in a much too favourable light. Here, in this book, history is presented from a new and wider aspect, and this more modern approach clarifies the many difficulties with which historians have been faced in the past. Its insistence on increased knowledge, greater wisdom and a higher ethical standard of conduct follow from the obvious neglect of these assets in the past, the consequences being clearly revealed by history. This volume continues covering Christian and Democratic Civilizations from the Reformation to the and of the Second World War.

  • THE MEDIUMSHIP OF JACK WEBBER by HARRY EDWARDS.  The descriptive chapters and the accompanying full – page art plates illustrating the physical phenomena obtained through Jack Webber’s mediumship comprise one of the most outstanding psychic books ever published. By means of the infra-red ray many phases of physical phenomena were photographed for the first time. They are invaluable to a study of mediumship. All these amazing photographs were obtained during the sixteen months from November 1938 to February 1940. Never before has such a comprehensive range of remarkable séance photographs been obtained in so short a time through the mediumship of one individual. Among these outstanding series are the first photographic records of, The astral body in an exteriorised state, The process of dematerialization, The re-materialization of an aport surrounded by ectoplasm emerging from the mediums body, The levitation of a table weighing 45Ibs, Ectoplasmic cables. The rare photographs of psychic rods and ectoplasmic formations are unsurpassed, while the pictures showing the removal of a sewn-up coat from the roped body of the medium are unique in psychic history. This book will enable the reader to understand the mechanism used by spirit operators to make their voices heard. The photographs show spirit voice boxes attached to ectoplasmic cables from the medium. The explanations that accompany the photographs are a bare recital of facts, with no attempt at pseudo-scientific phrases. They provide a complete record of a powerful mediumship that functioned in our time. This book gives factual evidence which will help the Spiritualist to understand the various processes involved in the production of psychic phenomena and assist the non-Spiritualist towards the realization of the truth of survival.

  • THE PSYCHIC STREAM by Arthur Findlay.  1939 / 1159 pages.

    When man first realised the difference between nature spirits and the spirits of the so-called dead, he discovered the source of the psychic stream. Man made one of the most important discoveries, one which has had a more profound effect on human thought than any other. Since that date the stream has never ceased to flow, as contact has continued between the physical and the etheric orders of existence till the present day. So said Arthur Findlay in his introduction to this volume. At times the stream has flowed strongly and swiftly, at others sluggishly and slowly, but the movement has never ceased. The psychic stream has been the cause of every religion, the interaction between earth and etheric realms. Today it is known as psychic phenomena. Findlay traces the stream’s influences on the most primitive form of religious thought, through the various forms of religious belief it created until it brought the Christian faith into being. This book was the outcome of 35 years of study and took two years to write. The book required a knowledge of psychic phenomena, comparative religion and mythology. Because of this approach this book is revolutionary in its conclusions. If we are able to accept its contents an entire change will take place in our religious outlook. This book gives a wide-ranging look into Christianity covering its ancestors, relations, parents, conception, birth, childhood, youth and its manhood. Psychic phenomena have proved to us that beyond the physical lies the etheric, and that there is not only a physical world but an etheric world interpenetrating and vibrating in harmony with our etheric bodies. Armed with this greater knowledge, we can now approach the history of man from an enlarged angle, enabling us to understand the reason for present day religious beliefs and the way they are likely to develop in years to come.

  • THE RING OF CHAIRS by JANET CYFORD      “The Ring of Chairs” is a personal account of modern Mediumship and its development within the safety of a seance setting. Mediumship is a gift which needs nurturing. Its development requires a corresponding Spiritual Unfoldment and Soul culture. The ability to raise ones awareness, to attune to the consciousness of a Spirit communicator, is the essence of good Mediumship. Through a ‘mind to mind’ blending, the Medium relays information received from a Spirit communicator.  This gift should be used to give verifiable evidence of the Soul’s continuing existence beyond death. Quality Mediumship is rare, as most sensitive’s and their followers, are satisfied with so little. “The Ring of Chairs” authored by a traditional British Spiritualist Medium, was written under the directive of Spirit. Spirit colleagues inspired portions of the book, which details technical terms peculiar to this fascinating subject. Several chapters were received directly from Spirit companions and appear verbatim.  Without Spirit’s collaboration, this book would have remained, just a good idea. The purpose of “The Ring of Chairs” is to educate and inform potential practitioners and seekers, of the mechanics of Spirit contact. There is a very real concern in the world of Spirit, for the present adulteration and misrepresentation of Spirit communication by today’s “channellers.” Mediumship and Spirit contact is a subject that denies adequate description. It is a field of expertise far easier to understand through personal experience. “The Ring of Chairs” was completed sometime ago, when in true Spirit fashion, instructions came to include my own story. This had not been my intention, but bowing to their wisdom, I agreed. As this personal tale unfolded, a pattern of Spirit  training and guidance emerged that clearly showed the intimacy and involvement Spirit reality has with our own.  The book is now peppered with personal experiences of Spiritualism, my family’s religion, and Spirit communication.  Subjects which have been a part of my life since early childhood.  Much loved Spirit Guides, helped shape my character and by their example, I learned to rely upon the Spiritual Self that lights the Soul from within. Several family members were Mediums and Spirit phenomena, occurred regularly in our home circle. I sat in our family’s “Ring of Chairs,” from a very young age. Much later I discovered other youngsters did not have contact with Spirit in their homes. My natural gifts of clear-seeing and awareness of Spirit, grew from childhood in the fertile ground of my parent’s acceptance and understanding. Even with a natural gift, potential Mediums must learn to govern their sensitivity with personal self-discipline.  “The Ring of Chairs” gives suggestions for Spiritual Unfoldment and the development of Mediumship. These subjects are discussed at length, hoping those with an interest in further study, will form or join development groups. Chapters cover the private and public work of a Medium, share insights into Spiritual Healing, Spirit Guides and their Spirit teachings. Psychometry, Symbology, Creativity and Extended Sensory Perception are chapters dealing with subjects taught in my weekly development groups. It is important, “The Ring of Chairs” is not presented as a New Age subject. It is not my intention to associate it with a market full of dangerously ill-informed hyperbole.  Its conception was Spirit orchestrated and its delivery has me patently aware of my responsibility, to bring a voice of reason to a much maligned subject. Written with the intention of inspiring others, to begin a sensible search for inner spirituality, it encourages personal responsibility and self mastery. On every spiritual quest, each facet of information needs to be viewed, in the light of our discernment and integrity. If what is read, seen or heard insults the intelligence, then spiritual knowledge must be sought in other directions. The wisdom of Spirit is ageless. It is appropriate for all time. Many New Age practitioners disgrace these teachings with expensive fortune-telling and prediction that robs seekers of further Soul growth. “The Ring of Chairs” does not contain in-depth do-it-yourself psychic exercises that promise instant Mediumship, nor does it promote “Channelling” (a misnomer used to group together, different and unique aspects of Mediumship.) The practice of channelling extraterrestrials and ego-bound, ancient personalities cannot be likened to Spirit communication. However, the book contains a Glossary of Terms, an Index and Appendix of recommended reading.

  • THE ROCK OF TRUTH By Arthur Findlay.  1933 / 320 pages.

    To quote Arthur Findlay’ “I am one of the first to admire the unselfish social work of many clergy in the slums and elsewhere, but these activities are quite apart from those with which this book is concerned. Many others besides the clergy of the orthodox faith are engaged in missions to the poor. It is not the social side of the Church’s work that this book attacks, but orthodox Christianity as preached from nearly every pulpit in Christendom, and it is this which affects the great majority of the people.” “If I were not able to put before the people a better religion, a truer religion, and a greater religion for them to observe and follow, I would not trouble to attack what is false, as it gives a certain measure of comfort to many. Spiritualism, however, is an infinitely greater help to us in our lives and also in our deaths than the old faiths which satisfied our ancestors. My wish is not to knock down and destroy. My aim is to build a nobler edifice, but before this edifice can be built decaying rubbish about its foundations must be cleared away.” So says Arthur Findlay in his masterly “The rock of truth.” Subtitled “Spiritualism, the coming World Religion,” the author examines such far reaching points as “What did Jesus really teach?” “Spiritualism, and what it stands for,” “The Philosophy of Spiritualism” and all important points. This superb book investigates – and indicts – orthodoxy, and can rightly be regarded as a classic in the annals of psychic literature.

  • THE SCRIPTS OF CLEOPHAS by Geraldine Cummins.  With the unearthing of ancient writings found in caves near the dead sea, man’s knowledge of early Christian life has been enhanced. Now the publication of a new edition of “The Scripts of Cleophas”, whilst originating in a manner far removed from that of the dead sea scrolls, bears equal authenticity and sheds further light on the people and places of early Christian times. The scripts contain material which both supplements and explains what we know of the new testament, and supplies information which the bible furnishes either incompletely, or not at all. They supplement the acts of the apostles, and the Epistles of St. Paul, in that they furnish an account of the early Church and the Apostles, immediately following the death of Christ. Normally, Miss Cummins is not a rapid writer, and has to work rather laboriously, and with many connections, to produce 600 or 700 words in a couple of days. When producing these Scripts, Miss Cummins placed her left hand over her eyes, the elbow resting on the table; the right hand is thus free to hold the pencil over a wad of single foolscap sheets. In a few minutes she appears to lapse into a condition of semi-trance, and her pencil travels over the paper rapidly, producing legible and perfectly intelligible script. Someone at her side removes each page as it is covered, exposing a clear sheet of paper. Generally this automatic writing is without pause or correction. No t’s are crossed, no I’s dotted, as the pencil never leaves the surface of the paper. The speed attained as contrasted with Miss Cummins normal rate of writing is very remarkable. On one occasion 2,230 words were written without a pause in one hour and thirty eight minutes. Later in the presence of Dr. Percy Dearmer, and the Honorable Edward Russell, and two other witnesses, 1,750 words were written in one hour and five minutes. On another occasion, over 2,600 words of close narrative that required no correction have been written at a sitting. The speed of the writing and the length of the sittings vary with the physical and mental conditions. The usual time for uninterrupted writing is a little over one and a half hours.

  • THE SEED OF TRUTH SILVER BIRCH) compiled by Tony Ortzen.  “ The word ‘finis’ does not appear on the book of life because the body has come to its end. Life goes on and its story is continued and developed amidst scenes of greater splendour, beauty and richness than those who dwell on earth have any conception. It is sad that fruit should drop from the tree before it is ripe, but those who leave the physical body before their spirits have had an opportunity for maturity are able to complete their unfoldment elsewhere” “Man was born to be free, to dwell in liberty; he was not born to be a slave, bound and fettered. His life should be full of richness, the richness of mind and body and spirit. All knowledge should be open to him, all truth, all wisdom, all inspiration. He should dwell in the splendour of the spirit with none of the cramping irksome, vexatious restrictions imposed upon him by those who would deny his heritage and thwart his destiny.” “The power of the spirit is the power of life. The reason why there is life is because spirit is there. The power that fashioned the whole universe, majestic though it is and stupendously vast, is the same power which enables you to love, to think, to care, to judge, to reflect, to decide, to weigh, to ponder, to be inspired, to reach the heights and depths of the whole gamut of human feelings, that power is the power of the spirit.”


  • THE SILVER BIRCH BOOK OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS compiled by Stan A. Ballard and Roger Green.  The book that answers the most important questions you have ever asked…….. and hundreds of other questions which have been put to spirit guide SILVER BIRCH over the years. The answers provided by this great spiritual teacher are the essence of simplicity and his words are imbued with compassion, love and understanding. They will comfort the bereaved, inspire the seeker and encourage everyone who reads them to review their life and its purpose.

  • THE SPIRIT SPEAKS by Tony Ortzen.  

  • THE TAPESTRY OF LIFE – LILIAN BAILEY by Marjorie Aarons.  A really touching & beautiful little book! Lilian Bailey, O.B.E., was one of the greatest trance mediums of modern times. During her forty years of dedicated service countless people from all walks of life received inestimable comfort and guidance through her mediumship. The Queen Mother; The Canadian Prime Minister, Mackenzie King; Lionel Logue, speech therapist to King George VI. Her “communicators” were mainly two of her spirit guides, Bill Wooton, a World War 1 victim, and the Scottish doctor, Thomas Adamson, as well as personal loved ones who had departed this life. In this book the tape recordings of such communications reveal a wealth of spiritual philosophy and teachings that enable readers to have the benefit of wisdom from the Beyond. Mrs. Bailey was awarded the O.B.E. for her services in France during the first World War. She joined the Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps, assigned to the Director General of Transport’s Dept., and worked not far behind the lines.

  • THE TORCH OF KNOWLEDGE by Arthur Findlay.  1966 / 445 pages.

    Sir Arthur, having written his Trilogy, (The rock of Truth, On the Edge of the Etheric and The Unfolding Universe) wanted to introduce newcomers to the subject of Spiritualism in a novel way. This is how the torch of knowledge came to be written. There is a story to the book whose characters are fictitious but throughout whose story run many truths. Tales of psychic phenomena abound. In his introduction to the 1936 book, the author writing from his Stansted Hall, Essex home says “I present The Torch of Knowledge to the public in the full anticipation that the story I have to tell will be found interesting, instructive and in places thrilling.” “One thing I would like to emphasize which is that all the characters are in this story are fictitious and are not portrayed to resemble anyone. Having said this I wish to emphasize the fact that all the psychic phenomena, which run through this story, have actually happened. What I have done has been to change their setting and details.” Turning to the orthodox church’s view of Spiritualism to which the book draws attention, Sir Arthur points out “Spiritualism and Christianity have no connection whatsoever.” He adds “Spiritualism is a philosophy of life and claims that life after death has been proved, that those who die live on in a world much the same as this, with the same characters as they had on earth, and that given suitable conditions they can communicate with us on earth.” “Christianity, on the other hand, is a sacrificial religion and the Christian Church is an organization, to keep alive a belief in sacrifice for sins, and for the performance of the rites and ceremonials connected with this belief.” “For this reason Spiritualism and Christianity will never join, and no Spiritualist who thinks deeply will desire such a fusion.” The reappearance in print of this publication is a very welcome addition to the existing stable of classics by one of the Movements staunchest supporters.

  • THE UNFOLDING UNIVERSE by Arthur Findlay.   1935 / 474 pages.

    The republication of “The Unfolding Universe” completes Arthur Findlay’s much acclaimed trilogy, the two previous books being “On the edge of the etheric” and “The rock of truth.” The trilogy “is a result” says Mr Findlay, “of 34 years of study and thought”. The volumes “represent mature conclusions which have not been reached hastily”. In “The unfolding universe” Mr Findlay writes of “a new era”. He continues: “The days of faith are passing and the day of knowledge has arrived. Consequently creeds, dogmas, ceremonials and rites must fade away in the light of the new knowledge, which must in time become accepted by all mankind, not by faith but from experience. “Spiritualism, the name which has been given to this new knowledge, will enter more and more into every department of our lives. Nothing will be untouched by it. Our science, religion, politics and social conditions will all be profoundly affected and altered. Knowledge based on evidence makes men and women free, makes them happy, and makes them respect each other.” Now in its thirteenth edition, “The unfolding universe” has justifiably been praised in many quarters. “Psychic News” commented it “gives a comprehensive picture of the universe, as revealed by Spiritualism. It is a masterpiece of reasoning. His philosophy and psychic experiences must satisfy all human desires as to life and conduct on earth, and our destiny after death.” Meanwhile, “Two worlds” said that in “The unfolding universe” Mr Findlay raises Spiritualism “to a new rational and scientific level by disclosing what is false in religion and revealing what is truth. “His books provide a new foundation for the building of Spiritualism in harmony with the latest scientific knowledge and philosophy, for he consistently appeals to facts and not to faith, and never departs from the scientific method which is the standard all Spiritualists must accept if they are true to revelation.”

  • THE UNIVERSE OF SILVER BIRCH by Frank Newman.  An examination and analysis of the teachings of Silver Birch, bringing new insights into the world famous Spirit guide and his lessons, giving a deeper understanding of our true place in the universe and our ultimate destiny.

  • THE WAY OF LIFE by Arthur Findlay.  1953 / 240 pages. If I could only describe to you the lovely walks we have sometimes. We never tire. To cross the beautiful lakes, and the fruits and the flowers, and the beauty of the verdure of the country, the magnificent feeling of well-being that one has. I wish you could feel it. There is no waste, no decay. The flowers just fade away. You never see them decay, and then fresh ones come in their place. So said a woman….a woman who died and returned from the spirit world to tell of her continued existence. Arthur Findlay rightly subtitled this volume “A guide to the Etheric World”. For that is just what it is. In simple, no no-nonsense language, Mr Findlay, a leading Scottish stockbroker, bases his findings upon a series of dramatic séances with Glasgow medium John Sloan. Of the many who spoke at these carefully documented gatherings, one assured those present that “Death is not the end but the beginning. I think it is a triumphal march when you leave the physical, if your life is spent in the way in which you ought to have spent it. If this is so, it is a triumphal march to the spirit side of life, which is a path of glory all the way.” The extracts in this book make vital reading. Gathered from various works written by Mr Findlay, it tells inquirers all we should know about the journey through death to a much more intense and wonderful life in the spirit world.
  • Truths in the Spirit World in Lectures by Ramadahn Volumes 1 to 7.

  • VOICES” by Doris Stokes.  One of the world’s most celebrated mediums, Doris Stokes brought joy, comfort and fascination to thousands of people during her lifetime. From families wishing to contact departed loved ones to police forces trying to solve murder cases, the uncanny accuracy of her psychic powers became universally acclaimed, while her readings and performances in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and at home were received with an adulation normally reserved for film stars. This unique collection includes the two best selling books in which Doris Stokes shared her remarkable experiences with readers throughout the world. In “Voices in my ear”, she reflects on discovering this extraordinary gift within herself. Officially informed that her husband had been killed during the second world war, she was visited at the height of her grief by her long dead father. He told Doris that her husband was alive and would return, but joy turned to grief when her father re-appeared to warn of the impending death of her healthy baby son: both predictions came true. “More voices in my ear” recalls how Doris helped the late actor Peter Finch to communicate with his wife, and gave hope to the parents of young children who have disappeared in strange circumstances all over the world.

  • WHERE TWO WORLDS MEET by Arthur Findlay.  1951 / 622 pages.

    “Where two Worlds Meet can be recommended unreservedly to those who wish to pursue their studies. Mr Findlay is one of the best known writers on the subject. “So said the Daily Mail” about this volume. Others reviewers termed it “absorbing,” “a masterpiece” and “a most fascinating collection of conversations between this world and the next.” This book tells of nineteen séances Arthur Findlay attended with famous Scottish direct voice medium John Sloan. At these literally hundreds of spirit communicators spoke. An expert stenographer took down everything said by the so called dead. The result is an array of evidence which even the most cautious investigator must admit is overwhelmingly in favour of survival after physical death. Speakers from the other side tell much about their world, what it is like and how they live. Their talks on what they think, what they do and what they believe make compelling reading. Mr Findlay, a leading Scottish stockbroker, is rightly regarded as one of the best Spiritualist authors ever. His books are known all over the world. No wonder that another reviewer told readers this volume “puts forward an overwhelming mass of evidence in favour of survival after death…..His evidence in its entirety has a compelling conclusiveness unlikely to be accomplished so successfully in any other book on the subject. This is an amazing book.”

  • WISDOM OF RAMADAHN by Ursula Roberts.    Compiled by Audrey Ward, In this thought provoking volume appear the answers to countless questions put to a spirit sage regarding life both here and in the spirit world. Ursula Roberts, an author of some of the best books you will ever read. This book has been compiled from the teachings of Ramadahn, a spirit guide speaking through his entranced medium Ursula Roberts. His tape recorded words have been transcribed by Murial Hill & Audrey Ward in the hope they will give a measure of comfort, upliftment, or guidance at a moment when you are in need. When reading it is some times necessary to remember that he frequently refers to human people as spirits, meaning spirits incarnate in human bodies. This may confuse readers accustomed to thinking of spirits only as discarnate entities.

  • “JOURNEY BEYOND” by Ivy Northage.  Ivy Northage can justifiably be termed one of Britain’s best teaching mediums. For many years she has demonstrated her gifts not only in this country but also abroad, including Australia. This book features talks given by Chan – her spirit guide. In them he gives an illuminating insight concerning not only the process of passing on, but arriving in the spirit world and what one can expect to find. “The trees reflect colour and light,” he says. “You are part of the tree, in tune with it; it feeds you. The flowers can dance and sing in their own particular way, without any of the expressions of dancing or singing as you know them.” “There are fountains of spiritual replenishment, drops of water that change colour. You stand under them and are revitalized.” Chan describes some of the various levels to be found in the spirit and astral worlds. He tells of the music, laughter and love which abound. “Far from being ghostly beings, the spirit world’s inhabitants are solid to each other.” Those who have suffered “long, lonely years of separation from dear ones” are reunited. Chan states that all on passing will stand upon the threshold and say: “Yes indeed, it was worth while. Everything I did was worth the effort, because this is joy so exquisite, so overwhelmingly beautiful that everything I paid for it was of little cost compared to what I have earned as a result of my efforts.”

  • “ABU TALKS” by the Abu Trust.  ‘Abu Talks’ comprises a rare collection of teachings, given to the dedicated sitters of the Norman Hunt circles, by a spiritual teacher affectionately known to them as ‘Abu”. Abu was an Egyptian priest when he lived on the earth plane over 3,000 years ago and met an untimely end by being murdered. Throughout the intermediate years in the spirit realms, he managed – by his gradual understanding, to ‘climb’ to the fourth plane of consciousness. It is because of his learning and experiences that he is able to talk to us with such knowledge and love, delivered with such simplicity, that no one can fail to understand or be touched by his teachings. The medium ‘Rick’ was another rare breed of man. His type of mediumship was neither sought after nor welcomed, yet he patiently allowed himself to be used as an instrument three times a week for 14 years. Rick had no awareness during, or any recollection after, the ‘sittings’; for him it was just as if he were asleep – with no dreams! This fascinating book will feed many hungry souls, for not only are the teachings ‘food for thought’, but the questions put to Abu, by the circle members, are not the general ‘run of the mill’ type. Throughout the book it is apparent, in keeping with all great teachers, that Abu’s strongest and greatest message is that of love.

  • “VOICES IN MY EAR” by Doris Stokes.  She’s helped to solve murder cases, she’s filled the Sydney Opera House three nights in a row. Once, she even had to convince a man he was dead, now she’s written her own astonishing life story. Her name is Doris Stokes. As a child she often saw things others could not. During the war she was officially informed her husband had been killed. At the height of her grief she was visited by her long dead father and told her husband was alive and would return. But joy turned to grief when her father reappeared to warn of the impending death of her healthy baby son. Both predictions came true. And Doris Stokes had to accept the fact that she possessed an amazing gift. Exceptional psychic powers that over the years of her extraordinary life have brought joy and comfort to thousands of people.

  • “MORE VOICES IN MY EAR” by Doris Stokes.  Now in “More Voices in my Ear” she tells how her extraordinary psychic powers have helped the family of one of the Yorkshire Ripper victims, enabled the late actor Peter Finch to communicate with his wife, and brought hope to the parents of young children who have disappeared all over the world. Writing of her experiences in Australia and New Zealand, America and Canada and in Ireland, Doris now gives a complete picture of life in the spirit world and never fails to comfort and encourage all her many friends and followers. 

  • “INNOCENT VOICES IN MY EAR” by Doris Stokes.  In “Innocent Voices in my Ear” she tells of her special relationship with children of every age; from the heroic young men of the Falklands war, to the 16 year old hostage of a ruthless gunman and the tragic stars who died too young: John Lennon, Marc Bolan and Richard Beckinsale. Doris Stokes has astonished the world with her extraordinary powers and here in her typical down-to-earth way she copes with everything from haunted restaurants to murder mysteries. But most of all she talks about the children, all of those innocent children who belong to her spirit family on the other side.

  • “A HOST OF VOICES” by Doris Stokes.  Here we see how Doris copes with the daily demands of a sought after medium; how she helps ordinary people, bringing new hope to those who have lost all hope, how she often rubs shoulders and shares her stage with celebrities such as Henry Kelly and Danny la Rue; how she set aside her preconceptions to visit Ronnie Kray in Broadmoor and bring him encouragement through contact with his beloved mother. We see just how Doris wins her way into peoples hearts and learn more about her mysterious powers. And once again we discover the humour, the compassion, and the sheer good sense of a woman who has come to mean so much to so many.

  • “WHISPERING VOICES” by Doris Stokes.  In Doris’s 5th book, she tells us of the extraordinary, sometimes amusing and often moving situations she has found herself in; of how her gift has brought her into contact with household names such as Princess Anne, Freddie Starr and the late Alan Lake; of how she made contact with tragic moors murder victim, Lesley Ann Downey, through her mother; of her involvement in the making of a TV documentary; and, most importantly, of the people she meets and helps daily, the ordinary folk who inspire her with their courage and to whom she can offer a new sense of hope.

  • “VOICES OF LOVE” by Doris Stokes.  Continuing her remarkable story and now a well known media figure, appearing regularly on TV and constantly in demand to perform live demonstrations, still Doris Stokes remains the same down-to-earth, familiar and accessible woman she has always been. In this book she tells how she has helped stars like Elvis Presley, and Auf Wiedersehen Pet actor Gary Holton who so tragically died. And we learn of her close friendship with Coronation Street star, Julie Goodyear, and of her meeting with the daughter of the late President Bhutto of Pakistan. But above all, she finds time for her countless ordinary fans – and it is their courage in their most tragic moments that inspires her to continue her work of compassion and love.

  • “JOYFUL VOICES” by Doris Stokes.  Doris Stokes, housewife and mother, celebrated clairaudient and best-selling author, was probably the worlds most famous medium. Over the years she continuously stunned her critics and amazed her countless fans with the accuracy of her revelations. In “Joyful Voices” her 7th volume of autobiography which she completed shortly before passing over on May 1987, we follow her progress from one packed theatre to the next, spreading her message of joy to thousands. We learn of the comfort she gave to the families of victims of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster and of her conversation with Pat Phoenix the day after the star actress died. We hear of the private sittings she gave to ordinary people when she herself was not well, and share in the happiness caused by her messages from the other side.

  • “THE RELUCTANT JESTER” by Michael Bentine.  

  • “TALES OF A SHAMANS APPRENTICE” by Mark J. Plotkin.  Mark Plotkin, chief ethno biologist for Conservation International, has spent much of the last decade in the rain forests tracking the shamans whose knowledge of the curative powers of plants may hold the cure to some of today’s devastating diseases. This is the fascinating account of his apprenticeships to these powerful wise men, an anthropological adventure story that also vividly clarifies what destruction of the region’s plant species may ultimately cost humanity. “Every time a shaman dies, it is as if a library burned down,’ Plotkin reminds us. No one could convey the potential tragedy of this statement more convincingly than this author, who has done something to remedy it. A captivating plea for more effective management of the rain forest’s botanical, medicinal, and cultural resources.”

  • “LETTERS FROM A LIVING DEAD-MAN” by ELSA BARKER.  1915 /  291 pages. 


  • “THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LORDS PRAYER” by URSULA ROBERTS.  The real interpretation of the Lord’s prayer. The lectures in this book deal with varying aspects of thought in relation to the “Lord’s prayer” and emphasize the importance of the “pray-er” as distinct from the prayer. the understanding of these teachings should make the reader pray with a greater sincerity and understanding of the importance of the prayer.

  • “UNFINISHED SYMPHONIES” by ROSEMARY BROWN.  This is the extraordinary story of Rosemary brown, a South London widow, whose remarkable psychic powers enable her to communicate with several great composers of the past. With very little musical training or experience, she is inspired by Liszt, Chopin, Beethoven and Bach, among others, to compose, write down and play works of which composer Richard Rodney Bennett said “You couldn’t fake music like this without years of training”. In this fascinating autobiography, Rosemary brown describes the famous musicians who appear to her, their tastes, appearance, and mannerisms. Everyone loves a mystery. Whichever side one takes on the questions of communication with the dead, Rosemary is clearly a musical mystery.


    Hafed – Prince of Persia (The original) by David Duguid / 1875? / 500 pages.

    One of only 2 books recommended by Harry Edwards!


  • A PAST LIFE REVEALED By  New book about a family in England during the reign of Charles 1st and Cromwell

  • THE PATH OF THE SOUL” by White Eagle.

  • THE DOOR MARKED SUMMER by Michael Bentine.  To quote Michael “In my life I have found myself facing many doors. Some I have opened, only to shut them in terror. others have opened for me, and I have seen much sorrow and pain. Some I have not had the courage to open. But there is one which, when it opens, spills a great blaze of golden light into my life. Beyond it I can see the smiling faces of all the people that I love, who have preceded me through the door. This is my favourite – the door marked “Summer”. To most people Michael Bentine is a comedian, goon, scriptwriter and worldwide TV and radio personality. But ever since childhood, when his father embarked on research into the paranormal, he has been deeply involved with psychical phenomena. Now he reveals this extraordinary aspect of his life and, to anyone with an open mind, it is a story that will hold you like a magician’s spell.

  • DOORS OF THE MIND by Michael Bentine.  To quote Michael “The doors of the many mansions of the mind open both ways. They can let you enter other states of consciousness – or they can allow something or someone to enter yours. You should open these doors with care and caution – but first, you must know how to close them. And above all, you must know which doors should be left unopened.”

  • A GIFT OF GOLDEN LIGHT” by Stephen O’ Brien.  And so began Stephen’s remarkable psychic journey into the world of spirit – a journey that would bring laughter and tears, joy and heartache to the naive young man as he followed his destiny and emerged from obscurity to become one of ‘Britain’s brightest young mediums’. In ‘A Gift of Golden Light’, Stephen recalls his exciting psychic apprenticeship and we follow his footsteps as he strives to perfect his extraordinary spiritual skills that will eventually lead to happiness, comfort and hope for millions of people. Here, too, Stephen reveals with warmth and candour his thrilling encounters with apparitions, hauntings, spiritual healing and telepathic powers – and the unique gift of golden light that illuminates his path on his spiritual journey through life.

  • ANGELS BY MY SIDE” by Stephen O’ Brien.  1994 / 367 pages. As one of Britain’s brightest young medium’s, Stephen O’ Brien’s extraordinary psychic gifts have comforted thousands of people and have silenced skeptics around the world. Now in ‘Angels By My Side’, his fourth volume of autobiography, Stephen O’ Brien provides evidence of the survival of the soul beyond death and reveals: What awaits us after death and the secrets of he next world. The secret powers of light and colour that enhance well-being and self healing. A compelling view of ‘The one living God’. Marlene Dietrich’s first communication from the beyond. Through more amazing out-of-body excursions into the Spirit World itself, Stephen O’ Brien also shares with us timeless wisdom from the ‘silent sentinels’ who watch over us and unveils fascinating glimpses into mankind’s future.

  • IN TOUCH WITH ETERNITY by Stephen O’ Brien.  This is Stephen’s third volume of autobiography. Her Stephen reveals more of his unique, frank, and compelling life story. ‘In Touch With Eternity’ is packed with the information, comfort and joy he brings to thousands of followers on his nationwide tours and media appearances. Through his acclaimed mediumistic powers and out-of -body experiences, Stephen answers many questions and reveals what life is really like on the other side. including answers concerning the secrets behind Spirit world Séances and life before life, what startling messages have been communicated from beyond the grave – from famous celebrities and young children? Are animals able to think, talk and communicate with us? How does the Spirit World deal with love and sex? Whether confounding the skeptics, comforting the grieving or foretelling major world events, Stephen O’ Brien’s fascinating story is a unique psychic experience – and will bring us all in touch with eternity.

  • VOICES FROM HEAVEN by Stephen O’ Brien.  In the eagerly awaited sequel to his best-selling ‘Visions of another world’, medium Stephen O’ Brien shares with us more of his incredible adventures and experiences. ‘Death is an illusion,’ says Stephen as he brings knowledge, love and hope from beyond the grave. In his moving and touching autobiography, grieving parents are reunited with the innocent children; wives are joined again with their husbands; even animals survive. His ‘Voices from heaven’ also includes startling messages from screen goddess Marilyn Monroe, Lord Olivier and even Earl Louis Mountbatten of Burma. In these fascinating recollections, Stephen crosses time zones and is transported back into previous centuries where he meets people who are long dead. And privileged not only to visions of the past, he is also given glimpses of the future – among his many predictions he foresees the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster an incredible five years before it happened. but the climax to this remarkable book is a unique set of journeys into the spirit world itself, revealing what awaits us all beyond the door we call death. Never failing to comfort his countless thousands of followers through his mammoth media tours, Stephen O’ Brien now shares with us all his fascinating ‘Voices from heaven’

  • VISIONS OF ANOTHER WORLD by Stephen O’ Brien.  Phantom hands hammering on a door in the dead of night – The spirit world was calling and Stephen had to accept the remarkable powers that brought him “Visions of another world”. Then the tragic early death of his mother broke his life in two; but miraculously she appeared to him from beyond death and her love changed the course of his entire life: he became a medium and a visionary. He promised the soul of a long-dead American Indian that he would serve the spirit-world and countless thousands packed out venues to hear him relate messages of hope and light from loved ones on the other side. Over 30,000 of the so called ‘dead’ have now communicated through Stephen O’ Brien’s amazing gifts, including war heroes, accident and murder victims, innocent children who died too young – even the world-famous actress Judy Garland. Now you can read Stephen O’ Brien’s touching and compelling story as he reveals to us all his visions of another world.

  • VOICES” (NEW) by Doris Stokes.  “VOICES” (NEW) by Doris Stokes 1998 / 213 pages. One of the world’s most celebrated mediums, Doris Stokes brought joy, comfort and fascination to thousands of people during her lifetime. From families wishing to contact departed loved ones to police forces trying to solve murder cases, the uncanny accuracy of her psychic powers became universally acclaimed, while her readings and performances in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and at home were received with an adulation normally reserved for film stars. This unique collection includes the two best selling books in which Doris Stokes shared her remarkable experiences with readers throughout the world. In “Voices in my ear”, she reflects on discovering this extraordinary gift within herself. Officially informed that her husband had been killed during the second world war, she was visited at the height of her grief by her long dead father. He told Doris that her husband was alive and would return, but joy turned to grief when her father re-appeared to warn of the impending death of her healthy baby son: both predictions came true. “More voices in my ear” recalls how Doris helped the late actor Peter Finch to communicate with his wife, and gave hope to the parents of young children who have disappeared in strange circumstances all over the world.
  • AWAKENING SPIRITS” by Tom Brown Jnr.  For the first time, Tom Brown, Jnr – shares the unique meditation exercises used by students of his personal Tracker classes. These techniques for finding inner peace and harmony with nature are based on the wisdom of his greatest teacher, A Native American called Grandfather. Now all of us can learn these spiritual lessons of life through the earth around us – and deep within ourselves. “This book may challenge the very core of your belief systems and shake up your personal philosophy, but that is not my intent. What I set forth in this book is meant to enhance and magnify your beliefs. Simply, the techniques and skills can be easily integrated into all philosophies, religions, and belief systems. After all, Grandfather considered these techniques the common thread that runs through all things.” Awakening Spirits includes advanced methods of relaxation, insight, healing, and communication with nature and spirits. Through the dynamic meditation called sacred silence, the reader can experience the joys of self discovery – and the power of a personal Vision Quest.

  • GRANDFATHER” by Tom Brown Jnr.  At last, Tom Brown Jnr – America’s most acclaimed outdoorsman – tells the life story of his greatest spiritual teacher. A man who has mastered and shared the skills of survival, who learned from the beauties of nature, and whose quest for inner peace can enlighten us all. “Grandfather was an anachronism. Modern time and place had no value in his world, for his world was without limits or time. His world was truly one of the ancients, part man, part animal, and almost entirely spirit. His home was the wilderness, and in the wilderness he tested all things. Most of all, he was a searcher for truth. His was a life of grand simplicity that few would ever know, where true riches were defined in beauty.” Here is the incredible true story of Tom Brown Jnr’s Native American teacher, whose tribe roamed free, far from the chaos we call “civilization”. His wisdom is a remarkable integration of different philosophies, of different peoples, tribes and religions. Now, Tom Brown Jnr shares the insights of his beloved teacher – insights that speak to the eternal spirit within us all.

  • NATIVE HEALER” by Medicine Lake Grizzly Bear.  Bobby Lake Thom is of Seneca-Cherokee descent. Many claim to be spiritual teachers and healers; the author is both. Former professor of Native Studies at Humboldt University in California for sixteen years he explains how a person is called to be a medicine man or woman and the trials and tests f the candidate. Lake gives an exciting glimpse into the world of Native American Shamanism. He was trained by numerous Native American teachers, including Rolling Thunder, and has conducted hundreds of ceremonies and lectures. This book should be on the shelf of every person with an interest in Native healing.

  • THE JOURNEY” by Tom Brown Jnr.  Here Tom Brown Jnr teaches that we must undergo a shift in consciousness – and a change in spirit – in order to heal our suffering planet. He explains why we must return to the earth and rediscover the mystical connections that bind us to the unspoiled wilderness….to achieve a harmonious oneness with nature. And, most importantly, he reveals how our inner spirituality can be the key to saving our embattled environment – and regaining the peace we once knew.

  • THE QUEST” by Tom Brown Jnr.  The environment of our planet has become every man and woman’s greatest concern, Its tragic mistreatment was envisioned by an Apache scout known to the author as Grandfather, a man whose spiritual odysseys of self knowledge and awareness offer us all the greatest gift of hope. Now Tom Brown Jnr, author of “The Tracker”, leaves his beloved wilderness to deliver his own message of healing and redemption to the world. Modern man’s mystical relationship with nature is nearly extinguished. But through a profound reawakening of the spirit, we can again establish peace, harmony, and well being with our planet. Here is a quest of true enlightenment we all must make.

  • THE SEARCH” by Tom Brown Jnr.  Tom Brown Jnr, is perhaps today’s most unique celebrity. After being featured in PEOPLE magazine, he slipped into the wilderness for an entire year with only a knife and his famous survival skills. He has come back with a vision to share. His books and his celebrated Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School are proof that Stalking Wolf knew what he was doing when he took a New Jersey boy under his wing and passed on an art more ancient than mankind.

  • THE TRACKER” by Tom Brown Jnr.  In what promises to be the most acclaimed new voice of spirit, man and nature since Castaneda, the famous “Pine Barrens” tracker reveals how he acquired the skill that has saved dozens of lives – including his own. His story begins with the chance meeting between an ancient Apache and a New Jersey boy. It tells of an incredible apprenticeship in the Wild, learning all that is hidden from modern man….And it ends with a harrowing search in which far more than survival is at stake

  • THE VISION” by Tom Brown Jnr.  An ancient mystical experience, the Vision Quest was undertaken by Native American Indians as an odyssey of self knowledge and fulfillment – a spiritual journey into the wilderness and the soul. The peace, insight and sense of well being they gained on the Vision Quest is a lasting testament to man’s relationship with nature. Now, America’s most respected outdoorsman reveals the secrets of this dramatic and profoundly moving ritual. Tom Brown Jnr, who has completed many Vision Quests, simply and eloquently shares the beauty and enlightenment of his own spiritual awakening.

  • THE WAY OF THE SCOUT” by Tom Brown Jnr.  As a boy, Tom Brown Jnr learned the ancient skills of survival from a Native American called Grandfather. His most advanced lessons were those of the scout. A member of a secret society, the scout was the eyes and ears of the clan, highly attuned to the earth and the ‘spirit-that-moves-through-all-things’. These physical skills opened the way to heightened perception and true enlightenment. Now America’s most acclaimed outdoorsman reveals the secret training methods of the scout by sharpening our powers of observation and unlocking the mysteries of our physical world. It is an ancient art of survival that conveys a powerful message for our time – a way to look deeper, a way to live more fully, and a way to transcend the limits of our bodies and minds. The way of the scout is not an easy one. But the experience offers great rewards of personal awareness and inner peace. A timeless journey that can change our perception of the world – and ourselves.

  • CRAZYWATER” by Brain Maracle.  This book contains the stories of 75 different people – men and women; young and old; drinkers and non-drinkers; Indians, Metis and Inuit; reserve residents and city-dwellers; native professionals and welfare recipients. “I asked them to tell me about the first time they drank, how they drank and what they liked about it. I asked them about prohibition, hangovers, drugs, sobering-up. Alcoholics Anonymous, spirituality and sobriety. I interviewed native people only because its meant to be our story.” Brian Maracle tells life like it is for too many North American Indians. A book well worth reading by anyone with Native interests.

  • THE LOST WORLD OF THE KALAHARI” by Laurens Van Der Post.  This book contains the stories of 75 different people – men and women; young and old; drinkers and non-drinkers; Indians, Metis and Inuit; reserve residents and city-dwellers; native professionals and welfare recipients. “I asked them to tell me about the first time they drank, how they drank and what they liked about it. I asked them about prohibition, hangovers, drugs, sobering-up. Alcoholics Anonymous, spirituality and sobriety. I interviewed native people only because its meant to be our story.” Brian Maracle tells life like it is for too many North American Indians. A book well worth reading by anyone with Native interests.

  • THE HEART OF THE HUNTER” by Laurens Van Der Post.  In this sequel to ‘The Lost World of The Kalahari’ Laurens van Der Post records everything he has learned of the life and the lore of Africa’s first inhabitants. Van Der Post wrote this book as a loving tribute to a people of rare imagination and spirit: “I find the thought of what black and white did to the bushman almost more than I can endure. I could not alas, bring him alive again: yet it seemed to me some atonement would be accomplished if I helped to see that the meaning his life held for him should not perish as he perished. I felt it a debt of honour long overdue to gather into our own what was living in his spirit.”

  • WALK WITH A WHITE BUSHMAN” by Laurens Van Der Post.  

  • GERONIMO” by Geronimo as told to SM. Barrett.  Told in his own words, the story of Geronimo’s life is both tragic and inspiring. In the early 1900’s, when Geronimo was taken prisoner, SM. Barrett commissioned an interpreter to interview him, and – through that long ago account – the tale of the legendary warrior still comes thrillingly to life.

  • HAWK WOMAN DANCING WITH THE MOON” by Tela Starhawk Lake.  Tela Starhawk lake, who calls herself an endangered species, is the last remaining hereditary descendent of a long line of Native healers, seers, ceremonial leaders and ritual performers, all documented in classic anthropological writings. Born in an outhouse in 1959, she was raised in a large dysfunctional family, despite the fact that the elders in her tribe knew from their visions, dreams and prophecies, that Tela was to become a powerful Medicine Woman. She and her husband, Medicine Grizzly Bear, were trained, mostly in secret to protect themselves and their mentors, by relatives and medicine men and women from all tribes. Their training was arduous – traditional vision quest trails had been disrupted by highways and loggers, new ways of performing spiritual ceremonies had to be incorporated with the old, sacred sites had been destroyed. This book tells of her experience with ghosts, spiritual battles, vision quests and doctoring people from various races and cultures. She explains much of Native belief and practices and focuses primarily on women’s medicine. She includes prayers, healing ceremonies women can perform, herbs to use for healing and dream analysis. She gives practical advice on what to do about everything from environmental pollution to childbirth. Tela is a Medicine Woman who uses the forces of nature – both physical and spiritual – to effect cures. She teaches and lectures widely in both Indian and non-Native circles and lives on a tribal reservation.

  • THE INDIAN SIGN LANGUAGE” by W.P. Clark.  In 1876 & 1877, Captain W.P. Clark commanded a detachment of Indian scouts – including Pawnees, Shoshones, Arapahoes, Cheyenne’s, Crows, & Sioux – who conversed in sign language. They made requests, relayed information, & told stories with their hands, communicating in a language indispensable for quick understanding between Indians of different tribes. The scouts patiently taught Clark the sign system, which he patiently recorded in this book. Originally written in 1884 for use by the USA army, The Indian Sign Language is far more than a grammar book or curiosity. Clark worked closely with the Indians who taught him the language, and his respect for them & their way of thinking informs every page. Written for future officers in Indian regions, The Indian Sign Language corrects the sentimental & brutal stereotypes of Indians that led to much misunderstanding. Clark believed that sign language could assist him “to think like the Indians,” which he considered essential for a conscientious officer. His book discusses reliably & soberly the facts of plains Indian life as he encountered them in the 1870’s & 1880’s. Now a classic, The Indian Sign Language is a monument to the desire for understanding between radically different peoples.
  • Transcognitive Spirituality – Robert Goodwin
  • A cutting edge look at the emerging paradigm that is bringing together science and spirituality like never before. Written from the layman’s perspective this new work is a must read for those interested in the emerging fields that explore the holographic nature of the universe, the nature of DNA, resonant fields, patterns of language, non-physical dimensions, the heart/mind connection, consciousness and much more. In short – a handbook for those exploring the true nature of being.
  • ANSWERS FOR AN ENQUIRING MIND – Spiritual teachings from White Feather by Robert Goodwin & Amanda Terrado 2002 / 148 pages

Continuing on from where ‘Truth from the white brotherhood’ and ‘The golden thread’ left off, this latest compilation of white feather teachings once again bears all the hallmarks of a spirit guide who is a master of his craft. Loved and respected by many who encounter his gentle yet forthright manner and admired by those who know that his subtle humour is matched only by his unswerving allegiance to the truth, this messenger from the spirit world enjoys nothing more than offering his words of wisdom to all who would seek answers to life’s many questions. Topics such as Mediumship, Reincarnation, Conspiracy Theory, Healing, Genetic Engineering, Guides, Animals and many more are covered in this question and answer journey based upon transcripts from public trance evenings featuring Robert Goodwin and Amanda Terrado during which White Feather communicates ‘live’ before an audience of eager participants. Discover for yourself these teachings which are the birthright of every soul upon this planet and which will ultimately help to set free the collective spirit of humanity so that it may take its rightful place at the summit of spiritual enlightenment.

  • Roberts’ latest book written by David Fairhurst – The Collected Wisdom of White Feather.

“We’re waking up!” This may seem a strange thing to say and yet this is just the latest stage in mankind’s unfolding evolution. It is an evolution which must have begun in prehistory when we achieved individual  consciousness and became self-aware. Then we began to use our brains as tools to grasp a simple understanding of ourselves and the world. As we began to settle, this process accelerated. Firstly with stories and later with writing we could hold images in our minds of things which weren’t immediately before us. Complex societies developed and for many centuries we accepted the understanding of ‘what we were’ and ‘the nature of reality’ which were handed down to us by the many religions of the time. Only a few hundred years ago we began to question this and, if we dared, search for our own answers.

The flowering of the arts during the renaissance and then the explosion of science in the age of enlightenment (a mere three centuries ago) gave us even more opportunity to try to gain a deeper understanding. The tremendous technological advances of the last two centuries, sadly culminating in the tragic torment of two world wars, shook our traditional beliefs still further. Now, in a time of relative peace, people all over the world are once again pushing forward to find better answers to the     questions “Who and what am I?”, “What is the true nature of reality?” and “What is the purpose of my life?” If you find this hard to believe, just look at the huge success of Eckhart Tolle’s writings in the U.S.A., where millions of his books have been sold to people trying to find answers that will make sense of their lives.

Yet, for all this time there have been very wise, elevated souls who have watched our struggles to find the truth with great compassion and a genuine desire to help us. Just occasionally, they find someone alive on earth who has the necessary qualities and abilities to be able to channel their thoughts. If that person is prepared to give up many of their interests, to dedicate themselves to this work for many years, then something wonderful can happen.

The elevated soul that likes to be known as ‘White Feather’ is just such a soul and Robert Goodwin is just such a dedicated medium. Now I’m sure reading this, Robert will insist that he is ‘no saint’ and ‘only an ordinary man’, as I am sure he is, yet the work that he has put in and the trust that he has developed in White Feather certainly wins my  admiration. He is not alone in the work though, as he has been supported ably throughout by Amanda who, I am happy to say is now Mrs Goodwin! The three of them – White Feather, Robert and Amanda, form quite a team and I urge anyone who has never seen one of their public demonstrations to try to get to one. This is what I did quite a few years ago. I was at a stage of my own awakening when I was hungry for answers. Each step that I took seemed to answer one question but throw up many more. This was exciting but also frustrating, as the answers from the traditional sources were either ambiguous or non-existent. Suddenly, here was someone who seemed to have not only a complete  understanding of the human condition but also a way of explaining the nature of reality. I am embarrassed to say that, over the years, I have become so used to this that it now feels just like talking to a kind old teacher, and yet there is still a little part of me going “Wow!”.

Interestingly, White Feather is very quick to point out that we should never accept what he says because of his position, as would have been the case with the churches of the past, but simply to consider it and reflect upon it. We can choose to ignore it, or we can choose to accept it, or we may even tuck it away in the back of our minds in case it  becomes useful in the future. In this way he brings help and sheds light on our difficulties but still leaves us in the driving seat of our lives.

So, for those of you who have been to hear White Feather and want to know more and for those of you who aren’t able to get to one of the demonstrations, I commend this collection of some of his best published wisdom. – David Fairhurst

  • The Enlightened Soul – By Robert Goodwin.

This is the fifth book to feature the philosophy of White Feather, the spirit guide of Robert Goodwin. Across decades of communicating with the earth plane the sage has answered innumerable questions covering a wide range of topics and never fails to enlighten all who listen to his wise council. In this latest collection, he delights the reader by once more imparting guidance and wisdom from the next world, whilst also expanding into new areas of cutting edge metaphysics and esoteric teaching. His humor, verbal dexterity, enlightenment and undoubted skills in the art of communication are matched only by his love of creation and the desire to serve those who seek the unfoldment of their own soul. For those familiar with his work, this new information is sure to delight. For those about to experience this spirit ambassador for the first time – you are in for a real treat!

  • THE GOLDEN THREAD – Spiritual teachings from White Feather by Robert Goodwin & Amanda Terrado  /  pages

 – “Since the dawn of consciousness, man has sought for answers to the many questions concerning the great mysteries of life. Where do we come from? Is there life after death? What is the nature of the soul? Are we all reincarnated? White Feather, through his medium seeks to answer these and many more questions in his usual inimitable style. For those seeking a spiritual philosophy that is both challenging and yet endowed with helpings of pure common sense, that encompasses complex scientific thinking and yet contains passages of simple yet profound beauty, this is a book for you.”

  • In the Presence of White Feather – by Robert Goodwin.

White Feather: “As we link with you tonight we seek as always to impart something of worth and of value. To offer a measure of certainty where there is doubt, understanding where there is confusion and enlightenment where there is ignorance, and to this end I thought it would be helpful to say a few words concerning what I refer to as ‘the new physics’. For there are many changes taking place, as there always have been and always will be, upon and around your earth. None more so than in the fields of endeavour that link with scientific study and research. There are those free thinkers and modern day explorers who are prepared to push beyond the boundaries and the decreed barriers that represent and enclose man’s current understanding. The tragedy for the most part is that these individuals are scorned. They are ridiculed and denied the necessary help to support, to continue to pursue their explorations. But of course this is nothing new. Throughout man’s history individuals who have been at the cutting edge of discovery have never been afforded an easy journey and have seldom been recognised by their own people in their own time. Indeed, history will inform you that many of these deeper thinkers were, in their own time regarded as heretics. Some were even put to death, in the physical sense, and it was not until many centuries later that their discoveries and the truths that they sought to expound at the time were recognised as being correct.
Today, upon your world the story is much the same. For even though man has advanced in some areas of his intellect and mental prowess and at times excels,  nevertheless there are still a great many closed minds who are not prepared to  venture beyond the accepted norm and what has become entrenched through many years of indoctrination.
Science is a wonderful tool for discovery and correctly applied enables the mind to push forward unto greater and greater discovery and deeper and deeper understanding, and yet, used incorrectly it can easily form a barrier to further progress as is so often the case.  Much of current thinking over the last few centuries has been based around the teachings of Newtonian physics which in their time were ahead of their time and did a great deal to further man’s knowledge and understanding of how the universe, the physical domain, operates. There were of course other great minds who added to this knowledge, there have been many since.
Most recently Einstein, who even as I speak continues his work in my world as do many of the great thinkers who once walked upon the earth. Einstein at least, had begun to gain a grasp of the complexities and intricacies of the sub-atomic world and the implications that has for the relationships between all facets of life. Perhaps it can be stated that generally, the old world view of the structure of form and its relationship with itself at many levels was one of separation, where objects such as planets, galaxies and stars and even individuals such as you and I, although existing within the same dimension nonetheless did not have any connection as such, between one another. Of course, seemingly outside forces such as gravity acted upon these bodies and that in a sense, assumed a link between them. But  modern thinking and recent discoveries into the world of the quantum mechanical level has revealed what we as teachers of spiritual truths have always sought to impart; there are no divisions between the various facets of life at whatever level they exist and that all, in reality is connected.
Recently it has been discovered that man himself is a partaker in the creation of what is loosely termed ‘reality’. The very fact that his mind and his being is able to observe matter, influences the way that, that matter operates and determines to an extent the way that path unfolds. If we take an example; light. It has been discovered that light has many properties and that it can appear as both a wave and a particle at the same time – a kind of duality. This in itself has proven to be an extraordinary discovery for humanity and perhaps even more so is that when that light is observed in certain conditions its form ‘collapses’ into one or the other – either a wave form or a particle form. The very act of observation seems to determine the way that these sub-atomic particles or ‘quanta’ of light behave. Through observation it seems to be that matter falls either side of the line, as it were, creating the ‘reality’. But it has also been noted that even if light, in its observation becomes a particle then its opposite, the wave, also seems to exist at some other level or dimension. Transversely, when the wave is observed then the particle exists somewhere else in another dimension. This is a very complex and deep teaching in the sense that those who have little understanding of the study of quantum mechanics and sub-atomic particles may find this a little difficult to comprehend, but in reality what scientists have and are discovering is what we have been speaking of in many ways for a long time. Trying to communicate this understanding to mankind – that the physical level is only one facet of a much greater whole and that ‘death’ is not the end of life but merely a progression from one state to another.
What happens you see, when man observes his world and his consciousness impinges itself upon it is that not only does he bring into being the very reality of which he is a part but he also creates an imprint upon his higher self. A record, if you like of all that occurs in his life. All that he has been, all that he is, all that he will be. And when the light form collapses into the wave or the particle, whilst the one aspect settles into what is regarded as the physical reality in which you live, its opposing aspect or other half creates the etheric reality which is also as comprehensive and complete as your physical dimension. So every act, every thought, has this duality in that it has a physical aspect but also an etheric, spiritual aspect. This is why everything that you do, think, say, is recorded upon the etheric, upon the etheric body and when death occurs those energies, those memories if you like, are taken up into the higher spirit body and travel with you. This is why you actually create the spirit body that you have. You are doing it now. We have always stated that you create that body, by your thoughts, by your words, by your actions, by your deeds. But the new physics is offering to humanity, through the scientific body that explores it and delves within it, tangible evidence and proof that this exists.
Another discovery that science has made is that when one observes a particle – let us say an atom or a facet of it, and that instance of observation changes its behaviour, then a subsequent change may also occur in a particle some distance away which is linked to the very particle which is being observed. Distance is no object in this law of observation and explains to an extent why there is no separation between anything. Scientists are baffled how a particle in one place can affect a particle in another place when seemingly, there is no connection between the two. Of course there is a connection! It is a minute sub-atomic connection, but it exists nonetheless, although science has yet to ‘see’ it. Have we not always stated to you that when you send forth a thought, it reaches another, either in my world or in your world and I am sure that many of you have evidence of this. That which you may refer to as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience of clairsentience. These are only labels. The fact is, a thought is a powerful medium and travels through the ether, through time and space and connects one to another. Indeed, the very principles that we employ when communicating with your earth are founded upon the basis of thought transference. For when we link with you through this instrument we do so through the power of thought. From spirit, through spirit, to spirit. From mind, through mind, to mind. We do not have to make ‘physical’ contact as it were. We can do so through the power of thought directly, when applied with the knowledge that we have in the right way.

So there has to be a connection between all things. Not only animate but also inanimate. For make no mistake, all are parts of the same whole. When you look around you, you see divisions. You see space between objects. When you look into the night sky and see the stars, see the sun and the moon, you perhaps believe that you have no part of them and they no part of you. And yet perhaps another part of you senses a connection between you. In truth, you are connected to the farthest star in the most distant galaxy and to the highest of the high in my world and the lowest of the low in yours. The fact that you cannot always register these extremes of the spectrum does not mean that you are not connected to them. For you operate within a ‘bandwidth’ that is largely of your own making. Because the frequency at which you operate and vibrate is in accordance with what you are and have become through your past actions, your past lives and also of course in a physical sense, with the vehicle through which you have to operate, which itself is limited to a small range of frequency and vibrations in the physical universe. But of course you are receiving information upon many other levels of which you are not always consciously aware. Nevertheless you are giving forth and receiving information at all times as you sail upon the ocean of being.”

  • Truth from the White Brotherhood – By Robert Goodwin.

“This first book of White Feather wisdom taken from private and public communcations recorded over a ten year period, introduces the reader to the profound and yet easily accessible teachings of this spirit ambassador who is part of a spirit based group known as the White Brotherhood. The words contained within its pages will undoubtedly appeal to readers both young ad old and as the spirit mentor says, “Truth is the liberator of souls and whereas ignorance brings captivity, truth enables freedom”. A compelling read.”

  • Interview with Robert Goodwin by the Silent Voices Magazine

Hi Robert, Thank you for doing this interview for Silent voices

You already have 5 books on the market – have you any plans this year to release any more books?

Hi Sharon, thanks for inviting me. We have no immediate plans for more, although the latest book ‘The Collected Wisdom of White Feather’ that was published in May has now also been translated and is just about to be published in Danish! Regarding future books though, a recent survey that we carried out suggested that people would like a book about how to develop trance mediumship, so we’ll see. I’d like to give people the benefit of my experience.

When did you first come into contact with Spiritualism and how?

When I was about seventeen I had healing and will never forget the impact that it had on me. I came out of my body during the session and I knew from that moment there was something more than this earthly life. From then onwards I began going to spiritualist churches and most weeks I would get messages from different mediums telling me that I too would be working for spirit. I used to think ‘no way!’ But then I joined a development group and sat weekly to develop my abilities for about seven years before I was allowed to work in public. I will never forget those times because they prepared me for all that has followed since and gave me the necessary grounding that has always served me so well.

Can you tell us about your guide ‘White Feather’ Many people say White Feather is their guide, does White Feather look the same to everyone?

As it has been explained to me, White Feather is part of a group consciousness or collective of like-minded souls operating under this name. This group is also part of ‘The White Brotherhood’ in the spirit world and their work is to bring wisdom and guidance to mankind. As there are many individual souls operating under this umbrella, I doubt that they would all appear identical.

What advice would you give to those that have not as yet made contact with their guides, apart from patience?

Patience, motive and discipline are the most essential ingredients when connecting to the spirit world. They are more important for a developing medium than knowing the name or identity of their guide. It was many years before White Feather revealed himself, even though he had been working through me for all that time. Sometimes, it can be a block for the medium to know the identity of their spirit guide too early, as they tend to focus upon this to the exclusion of other more important aspects of their development.

You are a trance medium – can you explain what this is and what happens when you’re in a trance?

In truth, all mediums work in a trance state to some degree – whether it’s a light overshadowing or full-on trance state. Trance is basically an altered state of consciousness, controlled by a spirit guide. Where I differ to most mediums is that I am taken deeper by the spirit world so that more of what White Feather says can come through without too much interference from my conscious mind. Where ‘I’ go to when under spirit control, I have no idea. I just surrender myself to their influence in absolute trust and confidence and leave the rest to them. I am certainly not asleep – just in another place. The only time I don’t work at this deeper level is when I do private sittings or clairvoyant demonstrations, when the ‘energy’ is much lighter and quicker.

What is the difference between channeling and trance?

Channeling is a relatively modern term for someone who is used as a conduit for a spirit guide to work through. I think it sometimes gets confused with real trance which in my view is true mediumship in operation and comes from a deeper spiritual level, not just a psychic one. I have heard and seen so called trance mediums channeling this or that guide, but I am not impressed to be honest. There’s a lot of pseudo trance around and you have to be able discriminate between what is false and what is genuine. There are obvious ways to do this and when you have experienced real trance, you will always know the difference. For example; we always say to people before we demonstrate that a true marker for genuine trance is that the guide will not only deliver the answer in a fashion that exceeds the intellect of the medium, but also be able to answer spontaneously any question put to him without hesitation. If this is not in evidence it is one sure sign that what is being witnessed is from the ‘mediums’ own subconscious mind and not from spirit.

What do you feel about full trance? Is it advisable? Is it safe? Does it affect health wise?

It does have some implications for health. I have suffered to a degree and I know many other mediums that also have their share of problems because at the deeper levels of trance you are touching upon the borders of physical mediumship. I know for a fact that the endocrine system is used as well as the nervous system itself. The guides do of course take care and have their medium’s best interests at heart but it’s a matter of balance really. It is safe in the sense that like will always attract like and provided a person opens up with love in their heart and the desire to serve the truth, they will always draw similar souls into their aura. The power of intent is its own safety mechanism really and if the motive is good, the protection will be there. The only thing I would add is that all mediums, although possessing human frailties and weaknesses to some degree, should always endeavour to live a life free from extremes of behaviour so that they can be as clear a channel as possible.

On your Website you write a blog (Daily thoughts) – is this another way of getting your message out, or is it just life as you see it?

A bit of both I guess! People have said to me that I shouldn’t mix my own views up with those of White Feather and I totally agree with that which is why I try and make it clear that the ‘blog’ contains much of my own views of how I see the world. I have a great interest (fed by what the spirit world tells me) about what some would call conspiracy theory and I often find myself led to certain items of information that are kept hidden by the mainstream media – items such as the Codex Alimentarius agenda which will affect the lives of every man, woman and child upon the earth. Many people won’t have even heard of this nasty piece of legislation, so I feel it is my duty to inform them if I can. I see this as part of my work as a spiritual teacher, not as anything political or divisive in any way. In fact I have no interest in politics at all. The bottom line is, you can’t ‘un-know’ something. You either know it or you don’t and if I uncover something that I know will affect the lives of people I see it as vital (and spiritual) to inform them so that they can make their own minds up. I hope people also take the time to look at some of the other items on the site too. We have over fifty pages of information including extracts from some of the White Feather books.

Why do you think spirit communicate in so many different ways to different people, ie; – smell, sound, music, touch etc – would it not be easier just to speak?

I guess because everyone is different and the spirit communicators utilize whatever abilities they can. A few years ago I did a course in NLP and learned how each of us view the world through our own unique rep system. That is to say, some of us are very visual and represent our thoughts through images and pictures, whilst others may be auditory and describe the world using phrases such as ‘It was as clear as a bell’ or ‘I hear what you are saying’’ Still others are more tactile or find that their olfactory sense (smell) or gustatory sense (taste) is more prominent. Spirit ultimately knows what gifts, abilities and attributes we each possess and use these to our (and their) best advantage. I am very fortunate in that I operate as a medium on many levels so when I’m giving someone a message I often feel something about the communicator (clairsentience) hear what they are saying (clairaudience) and see what they look like (clairvoyance). Sometimes only one of these senses is in evidence, depending on who is linking through me. Some spirit people are better communicators than others, as indeed they may have been whist upon the earth.

To what do you put the great upsurge of awareness down to in particular these last years?

It may sound like a cliché, but I do believe there is some kind of paradigm shift taking place at the moment. On the surface it all seems to be doom and gloom with the world being turned upside down by extremes of violence, poverty, disease and war everywhere, but I also see so many people beginning to wake up and glimpse the truth that lies beyond this massive illusion we call reality. For those who have seen the Matrix films, there is a great insight there into the nature of what we think is real and what is imaginary. When more people truly wake up and see through the lies we are told on a daily basis, the world will be transformed. What we have to remember is that if we want to change the reflection in the mirror of life, we have to change what we put before it – ourselves. When WE change, the world will change. Spirit understands this of course, which is why there is a concerted effort by many, many souls to bring this enlightenment to mankind at this time.

In your view what would you say are the positives and negatives of the increased media exposure to spiritualism in general … and do you think the media portray the correct message and knowledge?

One the one hand it is good to see more mediumship expressed in the media, which was not the case a few years ago. But it does concern me that a small handful of mediums (not necessarily the best) are promoted to celebrity status, particularly through exposure via their clairvoyant demonstrations on TV or through clever marketing. We have to stop putting people and particularly mediums, on pedestals. In my view the general public should also be made aware of the deeper teachings and wisdom that underpins all spiritual contact. It is one thing to have evidence of life after death, as wonderful as that is, but it is another to know the truth and the reality of existence. I remember a story that went something like this: if you give a man a fish, he can feed himself or his family for a day, but if you teach him to fish, he can feed himself and his family for life – so true. Now, if the deeper teachings of the spirit world were given as much media exposure as psychics and clairvoyants, the world would become a better place.

What can any learning/practising mediums learn from one of your many workshops and what advice would you give to them?

There is always something to learn because we never stop learning, any of us. I guess I am from the ‘old school’ in a sense because I won’t let sloppy mediumship or lack of good training and sound practice slip past me. When my wife Amanda and I undertake workshops we always convey the importance of working from the highest and aiming for the best – anything less is unacceptable. We emphasise the need to develop humility and trust in those that work alongside us and the best piece of advice that we give people is ‘be true to yourself’. As in most things, if we give of our best and strive to be honest and truthful, we generally succeed in attaining our goal. Oh, and by the way – I have always refused to seek any kind of certificate for my mediumship. I don’t knock those that do and I understand the need to maintain standards, but people forget that mediumship is not a left-brained academic subject. It is a natural gift. All that we can do is to hone it and develop it. A medium is only ever as good as their last demonstration!

Work and personally, what would you like for the future?

As I now work full time as a medium, with Amanda joining me on all of the trance evenings and workshops, I’d like to think that our work – especially the teachings of White Feather could reach many more people. We are constantly getting invitations from new places and in addition to our demonstrations in the UK we have also recently been working in Denmark. The plan is to expand into other European countries over the next couple of years as our reputation increases and we are prepared to travel wherever we are required provided we can continue to work at the highest level. The problem we sometimes encounter is that people tend to pigeonhole us! They forget that I have worked as a medium in public for over thirty years and also give frequent one to one sittings, plus Amanda is a Reiki Master and qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner as well. So although the White Feather philosophy is what we are best known for, we do have others strings to our bow!

I’d also like to let as many people as possible know about our special White Feather Gathering at Farncombe Estate next July 9th 2011. It will be a fantastic event and we’d like as many people as possible to join us. If you like trance mediumship, spirit surgeons, psychic art or just enjoy a nice three-course meal – it is the place for you and you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, on a personal level, I am about to become a granddad for the first time through my only daughter and I really can’t wait!

Thank you Robert, we at Silent voices wish you good luck and best wishes for the future.

  • Leslie Flint – Independent direct voice medium.

This is the Foreword to the new edition of “Voices In The Dark”.

Leslie Flint came into this world in 1911 and left it in 1994. While here, he became the finely tuned instrument transmitting countless thousands of messages from the world he now inhabits.

No intellectual and a plain speaking man, Leslie was born into poverty and raised amid family disarray. Yet through dogged determination and single mindedness he became one of the most celebrated independent direct voice mediums of the twentieth century. Through his remarkable gifts, he brought consolation and hope to the bereaved and understanding and inspiration to the many as well as shedding light on many strange corners of history.

Fortunately, today the public is, in parts, more open and receptive to the reality of the spirit world more understanding of the crucial link between this world and the next in the endless chain of human life.

With the advert of Mickey , his much-loved Cockney alter ego in the world beyond, there began decades of service as a voice medium. Leslie gave sittings to those of every rank and degree, every profession, enabling the bereaved to learn of the great truth of human survival beyond physical death. Leslie’s mediumship was also a channel for famous men and women whose spirit communications were on an elevated and inspiring plane, often throwing fascinating new light on the accepted annals of history.

Sceptics attended sittings, but left convinced.

Others tested Leslie’s genuineness in every way. Truly, he could comment, “I am the most tested medium this country has ever produced.” People travelled from all over the world to sit with him. Leslie also demonstrated abroad, particularly in the United States, where he was in great demand.

The final chapter in his life came with his retirement to Brighton, where he enjoyed years of peace and happiness before he passed on, at the age of eighty three.

Leslie acknowledged he “had no education to speak of,” yet words of the highest wisdom and most profound knowledge, often in a variety of languages, emerged at sittings. He was an upright, simple man, with little financial ambition or perception, but whose service to mankind was of inestimable worth. I have read many letters written to him from all over the world, expressing not only gratitude and friendship, but also love and affection.

In the sixteen years I knew him, from 1978 until his death, as a friend and professional adviser, I was struck by his simplicity of soul, his sheer innocence of material matters, and his honesty and integrity in his chosen career.

As much of the world sinks into a morass of materialism, commercialism and tribalism, it is now more important than ever that mankind learns to appreciate the spirit world’s reality, of survival of the soul, of the vital importance of good deeds and good thoughts to prepare the way ahead, and that, whatever our colour or creed, we are all spiritual beings expressed in physical terms.

Leslie Flint displayed a rare dedication to his calling as a significant avenue linking two worlds. We salute him as one of the outstanding mediums and dedicated servants of this disappearing twentieth century.

By Aubrey Rose, CBE, Trustee of The Leslie Flint Educational Trust

  • Leslie Flint tapes.

Winston Churchill – Mahatma Gandhi – Rudolph Valentino – Maurice Chevalier

Recordings of the independent direct voice medium

(Churchill and Gandhi tapes could be much better quality)

“Ted Butler – Bobby Tracy – Jenny Wilson – Ellen Terry”

Recordings of the independent direct voice medium

“Oscar Wilde and Mickey”

  • A Forgotten Truth” by Leggett & Payne.  With calm appraisal the authors – two eminent academics – consider the fact of man’s material existence being subordinate to his spiritual, that man is primarily a spiritual being, and the far reaching implications of this difficult but important concept. The forgotten truth which they seek to uncover is that of serial existence – reincarnation in its little-understood form. In compiling their evidence they have drawn widely from the scriptures of Hinduism, the Hermetic Tradition, Buddhism and Christianity, and whilst noting the differences of style and content they underline the similarities and the complementary nature of the teachings. Scientific methodology is used to put forward a hypothesis and to weigh it against the experience of mystics and the modern developments in psychology, science and the paranormal. The reader is taken through this maze with considerable clarity and shown the implications of the hypothesis for religion and science and, more importantly, its significance for society. Drawing on the age-old law of cause and effect the authors emphasise man’s responsibility for the continuity of life on this planet – ‘So long as it is thought that when we die we leave the planet and do not return, the motivation for dealing with the threats to the human family … is muted. But when it is realised that what we create we shall individually and collectively inherit … the situation undergoes a profound change, and so do human attitudes’. The avowed purpose of the authors is to formulate a framework of faith, a vision giving purpose and meaning to human life and to do so by restating this forgotten truth.

  • A Religious Outlook For Modern Man” by Raynor C. Johnson.  Raynor Johnson here attempts the hazardous task of answering those many questions about life which we often ponder but then shelve. He recognises that all religions gather to themselves dogmas and doctrines that often obscure the essential truth. He tries, with the logical mind of a physicist, to ‘present a sound attitude to the experience of human life’. ‘I have formed the conviction that certain basic things in religion are true, important, and relevant to life .. (and) the essence of religion is something to be experienced in living rather than something to be believed’. He affirms that man, in seeking to discover the enormous resources of his inner self, embarks on a quest that is not easy of achievement yet is the only satisfying way in which ‘he may ride out the storms of this modern age with inner serenity, in the assurance that come what may, there is nothing really to fear.’ For Raynor Johnson questing for truth is necessarily endless, but we can share in the spirit of Socrates when he said ‘The adventure is noble and our hope is high’.Raynor Johnson, born in Leeds 1901, graduated from Balliol College, Oxford with a First in Arts. He then took a First in Science at London before becoming a Doctor of Science specialising in spectroscopy. For eleven years until 1934 he lectured first at Queen’s University, Belfast and then Kings College, London before becoming Master of Queen’s College, University of Melbourne. There he remained for thirty years until his retirement in 1964. When Raynor Johnson died in 1987 at the age of 86 much was written about this remarkable physicist, mystic, and former Master of Queen’s College Melbourne University. Perhaps the most telling obituary comment was the portrayal by an ex-student of a gentle, humorous and modest man of the utmost integrity and sincerity whose thinking, although most profound, was always subjected to a rigorous appraisal. He had a gift for making his students feel on equal terms and was possessed of ‘a humility and openness that left a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to have known him’.

  • Evolution in a New Light” By Robert J. Gilson.  Robert Gilson, a retired engineer, uses his well-honed analytical skills to challenge the Darwinian theory of evolution with a logic that is both incisive and direct. Throughout one is aware of a mind questing relentlessly for the truth, yet at no time is his journey allowed to stray far from the realm of practical common sense. Whilst vigorously attacking the Evolutionists, he accepts without rancour all he reasonably can. Equally he pursues the opposing camp, the Creationists. Then to give weight to his argument he draws upon a reference library of over a hundred titles, from both sides. Meticulously annotated and cross-referenced, this list is available for the serious student to follow the author’s trail in part or in full. Robert Gilson’s constructive amalgam of Creationism and Evolutionism, whilst retaining the principle of progressive evolutionism, by the natural selection of advantageous variations, now asks that we accept the possibility of a transcendental direction of those variations. Similarly the possibility of it being delegated through a hierarchy of powers. The two opposing, and oft-times dogmatic schools, are brought together. The unifying factor is the acknowledgement of a directive force, such as is defined in Douglas Fawcett’s hypothesis of imaginism. This postulates imagination – and not reason or thought – as the primary function of creative mind. The Creator – the ultimate Source – is seen as the Divine Imaginal; and the whole thrust of this book, whilst seeing evolution in a new light, adds further weight to the later work of its verification in the field of science by Raynor Johnson in his Nurslings of Immortality.

  • Geraldine Cummins – An Appreciation” by Charles Fryer.  

  • Human Personality & its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic W. H. Myers.  This undisputed masterpiece, by one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research, was first published in 1903 as two volumes. It was abridged in 1919 by the author’s son and we have now reprinted the abridgement plus the full and original Epilogue. This contained Myers’ most forward and impassioned thinking. Thus we have in this edition the very best of the original work a clear statement of the book’s purpose and scheme, including a large number of fully investigated cases, plus Myer’s summation in full. Written by a master of the English language, who was equally and uniquely both scientist and poet, it details a most meticulous and long-sustained research into paranormal faculties and phenomena, research that was conducted with rigorous scientific thoroughness and extraordinary strength of purpose. Furthermore, in its discussion of divergent theories, there is a singular lack of bias and the whole thrust of the work – which is never tedious – is ‘to the deciphering of that open secret which has baffled the too hasty, or too self-centered wonder and wish of men’. And the secret – to discover the cosmic structure of the universe. Altogether a book that must rank as one of the most important studies – if not the most important – yet achieved in psychical research. Already reviewers have welcomed this edition. In The Christian Parapsychologist Professor David Knight of Durham University remarked that ‘ we can happily welcome Myers back into print … it is a good and stimulating read’. While David Christie-Murray, writing in Light, the journal of the College of Psychic Studies, welcomes the book’s return to print but expresses a certain sadness in realising how little progress has been made since the early days of the S. P. R. pioneers. Nevertheless, whether a knowledgeable researcher or mere beginner in this field, ‘the reader is increasingly gripped by the presentation of the material’. For all who wish to research the psychical, this classic is prescribed reading.

  • An Anthology of Inner Silence” By Charles Jessell.  The management of stress is now considered a required skill if one wishes to avoid chronic ill health, a broken marriage, or other forms of trauma. The available techniques and therapies are legion and their benefits variable. Of their exponents, the better ones disclaim the miraculous in favour of self-help and inner seeking; they postulate the need for mental stillness as a prerequisite bringing with it physical relaxation. Such stillness is the first step along the road towards an inner silence. But what is inner Silence? The question is posed in the Introduction to this unusual Anthology. In answer Charles Jessel quotes from William Johnston, the author of Silent Music, that it is ‘the liberation of the true self.’ There are 365 quotations – one for each day of the year – garnered from many different nations and cultures and spanning the centuries. Within this selection, from poets, writers, philosophers, saints and also discarnate teachers, each reader will find favourite passages for meditation and contemplation. These will become the individual and, in time, familiar landmarks along the personal road of liberation: a constant source of healing wisdom, an antidote for stress.  

  • Mankinds Latent Powers” By Phoebe Payne.  This book is an authoritative work for all those engaged in medium-ship who value their profession. It is written by one who, as a child, was fascinated by the different emanations she saw radiating from flowers and assumed such experience to be commonplace. With this background, Phoebe Payne’s approach is essentially matter of fact, and it is evident that once she realised the nature of her gift she subjected it to some very critical analysis. An innate integrity pervades her every observation and there is very little that escapes her notice. She sees her talent as being on par with any other: as one requiring a high level of dedication to its training and later, when sufficiently developed, to its correct professional use. Her advice to all who would unfold their gift of mediumship has stood the test of time and, if studied and followed, cannot do other than enhance such a gift. On the other hand, it may help those of lesser ability to discover what they do not know and cause them to approach all their activities more carefully. In both cases the results will raise the standards of professionalism.  

  • Man Made Perfect” By Mabel Beatty.  Sixty-one years have passed since Mabel Beatty first experimented with automatic or directed writing where the writer, controlled by discarnate beings, writes with authority on matters beyond his or her knowledge. These transmissions often gave expression to ideas contrary to the author’s thoughts. They purport to come from the White Brotherhood which is believed to be a body of highly evolved discarnate beings. As one might expect these writings, concerned as they are with the eternal verities, are as apposite at the end of this century as they were at the beginning. In particular the chapter, ‘The New Age’, written so many years ago, underlines the slow and evolutionary nature of this transition. In a few more topical areas the span of more than half a century and its differing viewpoint is evident, the questions asked of the communicators being coloured by the prevalent thinking of the 1920’s. Yet the answers are still fresh and pertinent. The first three chapters impart a deep understanding of the spiritual significance of numbers. The rest of the book ranges widely across a vast field of perennial spiritual problems, all of them urgent today, providing a much valued textbook for all who seek to understand life’s wider issues 

  • Private Dowding” by Wellesley Tudor pole.  First published as long ago as 1917, this book was in the forefront of many invaluable records purporting to describe the conditions of life after death. The author remarked in 1966 that it was a ‘period piece’. Nonetheless it is still a valuable documentation of that future existence which has been much substantiated by subsequent writings. All in all an optimistic book describing the hereafter in down-to-earth terms.

  • Swan On A Black Sea” by Geraldine Cummins.  The core of this book is a remarkable collection of writings – often referred to as the Cummins/Willett scripts – received by Geraldine Cummins, a sensitive of outstanding integrity, which includes detailed information about incidents in the earth lives of a group of people communicating after their death. The scripts are of special interest because they involve members of the Society for Psychical Research who had formerly investigated the subject with scientific rigour. The principal communicator, ‘Mrs Willett’, had produced many scripts on earth, including contributions to the series of cross-correspondence in the S. P. R. archives. She shows herself to be fully aware of the difficulties both of communicating and assessing such scripts, and is a communicator of sensitivity, humour, and caustic wit. 
    Endorsements ‘A very important addition to the vast mass of such material which prima facie suggests rather strongly that certain human beings have survived the death of their physical bodies and have been able to communicate with others who are still in the flesh.’ Professor C. D. Broad, former President of the Society for Psychical Research, Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge. ‘It is impossible to read this study of “automatic writing” without being convinced of the complete sincerity of everybody concerned. The book is complete and refreshingly free from the “uplift” and pious chit-chat usually associated with messages from the Beyond. And there is nothing neurotic or even credulous about Miss Cummins.’
    James Laver, Sunday Telegraph.

  • The Barbanell report” by Paul Beard.  Maurice Barbanell, the founder editor of Psychic News and the medium for the discarnate teacher Silver Birch, arranged with Paul Beard that the first to depart this life would attempt to convey what he found. The Barbanell Report, the result of this pact, is based on some thirty sessions, held over four years, by Paul Beard with Marie Cherrie at London’s College of Psychic Studies. It is a feat of mediumship the more valuable and difficult since she had never met Barbanell and indeed had not felt over friendly towards him. Although a number of evidential facts appear, the main thrust is towards the very difficult task of depicting the change in growth of consciousness which Maurice Barbanell has gradually undergone, and which he found hard both to understand and bring about. It pictures a work load altogether more intense than comfortably promised in popular Spiritualism. His altered relationship to Silver Birch is surprising, though logical, and leads Barbanell in a more taxing search than he had expected to find the meaning of the outer and inner realities now around him. This fascinating record also shows the growth of a rapport between Barbanell and Mrs Cherrie, which allows Paul Beard to probe deeply, and to receive some remarkable answers. This is a book, however, that is bound to make some enemies, and will be disturbing to those who have easier expectations of what awaits them after death. The Report, although of deep sincerity, is a seminal volume that will, when assessed by thinking Spiritualists, have far-reaching effects upon the future of their Movement. About the author Paul Beard’s lifetime study of the psychical field has, as might be expected, given him an exceptionally wide experience of its many aspects. His capacity for in-depth and lucid appraisal is as evident in this book as in the other volumes of his trilogy. The past President of the College of Psychic Studies, London – he was president for sixteen years – he has also been a member of the Society for Psychical Research for thirty years. The author has lectured to both these bodies as well to the Scientific and Medical Network, the Wrekin Trust, the Centre for Psychological and Spiritual Studies, and many other organisations. 

  • The Decisive Testimony” by Raynor C. Johnson.  The first half of this book is devoted to an account of Ambrose Pratt’s colourful and surprising life. He was a highly unusual man of keen intellect and massive integrity who occupied important roles in the East and West.
    Raynor Johnson enjoyed a close relationship with him over many years, gradually gaining a keen insight into his mind and character. He then determined to see if he could trace Ambrose Pratt after his death. The second half of the book records the messages received by Geraldine Cummins, the best of all writing mediums. By their depth of answers to his questions these messages finally convinced Dr Johnson that he now had verifiable personal evidence that his friend had indeed survived death with his questing mind and philosophical insight intact. This formed a spiritual watershed in Dr Johnson’s own life and no reader can fail to be impressed by the remarkable exchanges of thought which it records.
    About the author
    Raynor Johnson, born in Leeds 1901, graduated from Balliol College, Oxford with a First in Arts. He then took a First in Science at London before becoming a Doctor of Science specialising in spectroscopy. For eleven years until 1934 he lectured first at Queen’s University, Belfast and then Kings College, London before becoming Master of Queen’s College, University of Melbourne. There he remained for thirty years until his retirement in 1964. When Raynor Johnson died in 1987 at the age of 86 much was written about this remarkable physicist, mystic, and former Master of Queen’s College Melbourne University. Perhaps the most telling obituary comment was the portrayal by an ex-student of a gentle, humorous and modest man of the utmost integrity and sincerity whose thinking, although most profound, was always subjected to a rigorous appraisal. He had a gift for making his students feel on equal terms and was possessed of ‘a humility and openness that left a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to have known him’.

  • The Imprisoned Splendour” by Raynor C. Johnson.  Raynor Johnson – the author of many scientific papers and books – wrote this, his first philosophical work ‘in an attempt to order my own thinking’. Such thinking was always original, searching and bold; The Imprisoned Splendour, bridging as it does the data of natural science, psychical research and mystical experience, is now rightly regarded as a classic in its field. Its particular value lies in its erudite but never ponderous presentation and discussion of a wide range of the paranormal, Telepathy, trance phenomena, automatic or directed writing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, poltergeists and phantoms of the living and the dead are evidenced with such cumulative effect that they are not easily dismissed. In surveying the data of psychical research and of mysticism Dr Johnson takes a new approach to spiritual reality that is deeply impressive and totally divorced from dogmatic theology.
    About the author
    Raynor Johnson, born in Leeds 1901, graduated from Balliol College, Oxford with a First in Arts. He then took a First in Science at London before becoming a Doctor of Science specialising in spectroscopy. For eleven years until 1934 he lectured first at Queen’s University, Belfast and then Kings College, London before becoming Master of Queen’s College, University of Melbourne. There he remained for thirty years until his retirement in 1964. When Raynor Johnson died in 1987 at the age of 86 much was written about this remarkable physicist, mystic, and former Master of Queen’s College Melbourne University. Perhaps the most telling obituary comment was the portrayal by an ex-student of a gentle, humorous and modest man of the utmost integrity and sincerity whose thinking, although most profound, was always subjected to a rigorous appraisal. He had a gift for making his students feel on equal terms and was possessed of ‘a humility and openness that left a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to have known him’.

  • The other World” by Albert Pauchard.  Albert Pauchard, an intellectual and man of probity, founded the Metaphysical Society in Geneva. He gave much of his life to the study of communication after death and here describes the experiences which met him after his own death and reflects upon their meaning. An intellectual and a man of probity, Pauchard found himself confronted by much that was both unexpected, very searching, and not at all like the comforting, somewhat undemanding picture sometimes offered. He treats reincarnation as an established fact and emphasizes that our development on earth determines the kind of experiences awaiting us after death. The reader will find these somewhat unexpected as well as far removed from the undemanding picture sometimes portrayed. Here indeed is a fascinating account, received through an anonymous, non-professional Dutch sensitive, of adventures of the soul in realms which all of us must eventually traverse This fascinating account uses the perspective of the other world to make sense of life’s apparent difficulties.

  • The Shining Brother” By Laurence Temple.  The Shining Brother, first published fifty years ago and almost continually in print since then, remains as fresh as ever thanks to its dynamic but gentle message. It includes many scripts and messages purporting to come from St Francis with deeply interesting comments on his life in Assisi and communicated to Laurence Temple. Their simplicity bears the hallmark of authenticity and this is enhanced by Laurence Temple’s own practicality and humility. He comments that ‘I cannot read them without a sense stealing over me that I am in the presence of Holiness’ … a sentiment his readers will share. There is a quiet but insistent and very real authority inherent in the teachings. Furthermore the evidence is transmitted through several different channels, many of whom were unaware of what had gone before, yet the content and style of delivery remains consistently the same. St Francis does not preach but explains that ‘by thy way of life, by offering of self, by the light with which I shall endow thee … thy Father {will} manifest himself in thee’.The messages are acknowledged by Temple as having spurred him towards greater moral effort but ‘never have they caused nervous tension or intellectual strain’. Many readers will feel the same. Their underlying theme is that esoteric knowledge is of secondary importance to the prime keynotes of love, service and humility.  

  • The Unfolding Journey” By Elizabeth Farrell.  Elizabeth Farrell’s life until her mid-forties was that of the conventional middle-class wife and mother. At one moment the supportive hostess to her husbands business associates and the next the linchpin of the family caring for the upbringing of two daughters with their disparate interests.
    Then slowly an awareness of psychic matters awakened and through many extremely difficult situations she developed her mediumistic gifts. It was at times a lonely and hard road but she now stands at the pinnacle of her chosen profession. Her innate integrity shines through this autobiography with its totally honest self-assessment as step by step she unfolds the testing experiences she has undergone. In the introduction, Paul Beard – a past President of the College of Psychic Studies – rates this as one of the very best accounts available of the working life of a medium – high praise indeed and well deserved. It portrays a career requiring a high degree of discipline, and those who think this particular road easy are soon disabused. It underlines, by her own example, the varying qualities needed to succeed in this very difficult profession

  • The Way of the Servant” By Unknown.  Over the years The Way of the Servant has been used by many as a bedside book, as a basis for meditation, and sometimes as a call to devotion. It has been taken into battle as a personal support to the soldier. It is more than timely that it should be re-introduced for a new generation who should find its spiritual value as immediate and as long lasting as have its original readers. This edition has been reset, completely unaltered, from the 1918 edition. The authorship and the manner in which the Directions were received are not known. The content speaks for itself; each Direction becomes a signpost along the way, an indication of the Path that all must tread. With a gentle insistence the Servant is encouraged to translate each teaching in terms of earth, of feeling, of mind and of spirit, and to achieve mastery in each of these four worlds, knowing that temptation and a fall will bear greater fruit than will the hedging of the self from such experience 

  • Watcher On The Hills” by Raynor C. Johnson.  First published in 1959 and reprinted in 1971 this book is written for all who are concerned to find the truth about life. It is largely based on the private mystical and semi-mystical experiences confided to Dr Johnson by people in the everyday world who, recognising the validity of his work, were impelled to write to him. After prefacing these accounts with a framework of clarifying ideas the author then endeavours to show their relationship to the stages of the mystic way as expounded by the great Masters. With tolerant understanding that was his hallmark he discusses the relationship of mysticism with religion, occultism and, perhaps most importantly, its coming about in the ordinary person’s life. The book includes a solid core of mystical experience which Dr Johnson classifies in ascending order of depth and importance – ‘In most religions the ultimate verities are believed – and may therefore be doubted; in mysticism they are experienced, and doubt is no longer possible.’
    About the author
    Raynor Johnson, born in Leeds 1901, graduated from Balliol College, Oxford with a First in Arts. He then took a First in Science at London before becoming a Doctor of Science specialising in spectroscopy. For eleven years until 1934 he lectured first at Queen’s University, Belfast and then Kings College, London before becoming Master of Queen’s College, University of Melbourne. There he remained for thirty years until his retirement in 1964. When Raynor Johnson died in 1987 at the age of 86 much was written about this remarkable physicist, mystic, and former Master of Queen’s College Melbourne University. Perhaps the most telling obituary comment was the portrayal by an ex-student of a gentle, humorous and modest man of the utmost integrity and sincerity whose thinking, although most profound, was always subjected to a rigorous appraisal. He had a gift for making his students feel on equal terms and was possessed of ‘a humility and openness that left a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to have known him’.

  • Writing on the ground” by Wellesley Tudor Pole.  

ACROSS THE DIVIDE – Teachings by Gregory by Mick Avery.

A filmed session of trance mediumship where Gregory Haye talks with an audience, answering many questions on life, the universe and everything. This provides an interesting and thought provoking insight into many issues that the spirit team have brought to our attention surrounding our passing, our connection with our planet and how we can help future generations overcome the difficulties we all face by learning to take responsibility for our actions now. 

THE SOUL GROUP – Teachings by Gregory by Mick Avery

A massive work of integrity and realism from the spirit group who work with this medium, showing how mind function and emotion continue in the world beyond ours. This distinct anthology is a fascinating read to anyone interested in our evolution and what really awaits us when we pass to the ‘other side.’ 

SPIRIT WALKS WITH GREGORY – Teachings by Gregory by Mick Avery

A walk through our lives from a spirit guides perception. This book explains the role of the spirit world in our physical lives, showing us how we affect each other and our planet. Learn how connection with this eternal higher aspect of self can influence our behavior in positive ways, inspiring and teaching us how to heal, grow, and love.

 THE SPIRIT WITHIN – Teachings by Gregory by Mick Avery  – 2001 / 52 pages.

This is the first communication through this medium. In it there are many diverse subjects covered including how every individual may connect with who they really are. There are chapters on the spirit within, the planet and our responsibility to it, love, why we are here, duty of care and many others. This is the first of many such books which will become available. All of this information has been received through and with the upmost love and sincerity, which we have endeavored to pass on to you.” From Gregory – Let us be together friend. Let me of the physical body no longer be apart from the spirit that I am. Let me the spirit that I have become grow and move forward in thought and action so that what I have become may bring realization to others that they may also seek a better understanding for themselves.


Edited by Sylvie Avery. This is Silver Fox‘s first beautiful book, as a look upon our world and reflection of what he sees in us, our ways and behaviour, as well as his own recollections of life here on physical earth. With prose and over 35 spirit drawings inspired by Silver Fox. This book takes us on a voyage, a journey of discovering ourselves and is published from actual transcripts of dialogue between spirit guide Silver Fox and Sylvie. 

  • TOM BROWN’S FIELD GUIDE TO CITY AND SUBURBAN SURVIVAL” by Tom Brown Jnr.  This is the third handbook in the acclaimed series by the director of the world-famous Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School. Today most Americans live in the city or suburbs – a safe, comfortable life, at least on the surface. Few of us realize how close we are to the elemental struggle for survival, until disaster strikes. Yet it is possible to be prepared. In this uniquely practical handbook by today’s most renowned survival expert, you will gain the specific skills and detailed knowledge you need to protect yourself and those you love in almost any emergency. ‘Alternative heat and light sources, preventing and coping with electrical failure, automobile survival techniques, protecting your home from intruders, unconventional food sources for the city dweller, surviving earthquakes and floods and guarding against urban crime.’

  • TOM BROWN’S FIELD GUIDE TO LIVING WITH THE EARTH” by Tom Brown Jnr.  This is the fourth handbook in the acclaimed series by the director of the world-famous Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School. In it he goes beyond survival and unlocks his personal storehouse of experience to share the secrets of adaptation, the single most important environmental skill. ‘How to construct your own superbly functional “earthshelter” in any environment, in any season, from any materials. How to make your own tools, weapons, furniture, utensils, clothing, even works of art, from materials plentiful in the wilderness. How to use the plants, animals and earth around you to nurture you both physically and spiritually, as so-called “primitive peoples” have done since the dawn of time.’

  • TOM BROWN’S FIELD GUIDE TO NATURE AND SURVIVAL FOR CHILDREN” by Tom Brown Jnr.  This is an additional handbook in the acclaimed series by the director and his wife-Judy) of the world-famous Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School.

  • TOM BROWN’S FIELD GUIDE TO NATURE OBSERVATION AND TRACKING” by Tom Brown Jnr.  This is the second handbook in the acclaimed series by the director of the world-famous Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School. Tom Brown passes on to you the matchless lore of the First Americans and teaches you the basics of sight, smell and taste; he shows you how to become one with nature, and how to receive all the signs and signals of the multitude of living creatures with whom we share the beauty and bounty of the wilderness. ‘How to restore to your senses all the amazing powers stolen away by civilization. How to move as silently as the Native Americans once did. How to spot and identify the tracks of a vast variety of animals. How to find humans lost in the wilderness.’

  • TOM BROWN’S FIELD GUIDE TO THE FORGOTTEN WILDERNESS” by Tom Brown Jnr.  This is the sixth handbook in the acclaimed series by the director of the world-famous Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School. Here Tom Brown takes the reader on a fascinating journey into natures mysteries and magic, and presents a treasure trove of knowledge, insight and anecdotes. Tom Brown shows readers how to open their eyes to the surprising abundance of natural beauty that can be found in the urban and suburban landscapes of backyards, local parks, highway medians, and even windowsill flower boxes. ‘How to attract wild animals to unlikely places, how to “read” the subtle trails animals leave in their wake, how to observe animals without being noticed, and much more.’

  • TOM BROWN’S FIELD GUIDE TO WILD EDIBLE AND MEDICINAL PLANTS” by Tom Brown Jnr.   This is the fifth handbook in the acclaimed series by the director of the world-famous Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School. For untold thousands of years, human beings have thrived on the nutritional and medicinal wealth of the plant life in the natural world. In these fascinating, wide-ranging, wonderfully informative stories, Tom Brown tells all about the uncommon benefits of the common trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants we find around us. ‘How to use every part of the plant-leaves, flowers, bark, bulbs and roots. Where to find useful plants, and the best times of year and stages of growth to harvest them. How to prepare delicious food dishes, soups, breads, and teas from riches of the great outdoors.’ An incredible range of experience-proven medicinal uses to treat headaches, burns, digestive disorders, skin problems, and a host of other maladies.

  • TOM BROWN’S FIELD GUIDE TO WILDERNESS SURVIVAL” by Tom Brown Jnr.  This long awaited handbook by the director of the world-famous Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School is the first of its kind. Like FOXFIRE it preserves knowledge that was in danger of being lost forever, but reaches even deeper into the past. It is about the basics. In it you will find much that was forgotten: the most ancient and essential skills of humankind, presented in a comprehensive and usable new four-part wilderness survival library, of which this first volume forms the heart. ‘How to build natural shelters in plains, woods or deserts. How to get safe drinking water from plants, trees, the sun of the earth itself. How to make fire without matches and maintain it in any weather. How to find, stalk, kill and prepare animals for food. The “big four” edible plants, and hundreds of others useful for both nutrition and medicine.’
  • “THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES” by Jean Giono.   Jean Giono said the purpose of his story ‘The man who planted trees’ “was to make people love the tree, or more precisely, to make them love planting trees.” To help bring this dream to life, Chelsea Green is collaborating with Global Relief, a program of the American Forestry Association. Chelsea Green is donating 5% of all the book’s sales toward Global Relief’s campaign to ease the threat of global warming by planting trees – millions of trees. By putting a message from Global Relief in the back of ‘The man who planted trees’, Chelsea green hopes to give individuals a way to follow Elzeard Bouffier’s inspiring example and take action to replenish our precious earth. In that spirit, Chelsea Green and Global Relief have created the ‘Jean Giono Award, to be given annually for the best tree-planting effort made by an individual. When you remembered that all this had sprung from the hands and the soul of this one man, without technical resources, you understood that men could be as effectual as God in other realms than that of destruction.

  • “THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING” by Claude M. Bristol.