Kevin McGrath – Chi Zonal Healing Guide

Chi-Zonal Healing guide by Kevin McGrath

10 No condition – Godhead (completion) Supreme divine intelligence.
9 Memory, concentration, depression, balance, intelligence, courage. Crown Gold To draw highest divine source. master achievement for complete balance.
8 Vision, migraines, neuralgia. Third Eye Purple To open up dormant psychic abilities. An evolutionary duty as a soul.
7 Lungs, ears, nose, throat. Throat White Inducement of spiritual truth to be drawn into all communications.
6 Circulatory system, all cancers, liver, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, gall bladder. Heart Green To infuse wisdom into the full gamut of emotions and compassion.
5 Nervous system – major & sympathetic, stomach, digestive tract. Solar Plexus Blue To bring serenity following daily conflict from earth vibration.
4 Hormonal system, womb, bladder, genitals, prostate. Reproductive Red For energy promoting life force.
3 Spine & all joints including knees, elbows & ankles. Earth Yellow For warmth, negating cold earth influences and activating all processes. Sun essence.
2 Tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin problems. Hands Pink To open up natural creativity and expression.
1 Glandular system Feet Orange To ensure proper balance between magnetic poles providing magnetism.

Method: Colours to be visualised for approximately five minutes for each Chi-Zone as needed.

Hands-on healing applies at all times to specific Chi-Zones. Imagine a very large raindrop of the correct colour gently falling onto the person requiring healing. 

Purpose column: The Chi-zonal healing programme also incorporates a purpose column (far right-hand column) for each chakra with regard to the universal energies that are continuously directed to the chakras inducing complete harmony and balance when one is A1 – mind, body and spirit. The purposes corresponding to each chakra are a link for meditational purposes always for developing healers.

“Chi-Zonal Healing” as conveyed to Kevin McGrath by “Brother Paul”, Dr Wan Chan” and “Red Feathers”.
© protected 1998 Kevin McGrath and Terry Hands
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